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Why did shepherd betray Roach and Ghost?

Why did shepherd betray Roach and Ghost?

Shepherd’s plan was to mislead the Task Force 141 and he was feeding them a line. Shepherd actually betrayed them in a very sensible way. Task Force 141 could have been a bit naive in this respect. Shepherd then let his secret, quite literal shadow side Shadow Company engage on Ghost and Roach and easily took them out.

Did soap die in mw2?

During an attempted extraction, Soap dies from massive blood loss moments after informing Price that Makarov knows Yuri. Soap is later mentioned by Price when the latter calls MacMillan to let him know that Soap has died and pleads for help in finding Makarov’s location.

Did ghost die in mw2?

In the scene of the Georgian-Russian Border, Caucasus Mountains where they are “killed”, Ghost is shot in his chest, through the ballistic armour, who knows, he might have survived it.

Why is it called TF 141?

TF141 members, at least in the Modern Warfare timelines, are referred to interchangeably by three names: Their full name, their unit number, and their unique codename; (Captain John Price, Bravo 6-1, Price).

Why did Price launch the nuke?

Price launched the missile to detonate in the atmosphere over the east coast. He wanted the EMP from the nuclear explosion to knock out electronics in the area. That would allow the Americans to regain the upperhand from the invading Russian army.

What happens if you nuke an active volcano?

If you dropped a nuclear bomb into the crater of an extinct volcano, you would flatten the mountain out a bit but you wouldn’t set the volcano off because there wouldn’t be any pre-existing upwelling of magma.

Why does Makarov hate price?

Makarov was Zakahev’s fanboy, therefore he hated price. Price was Zakahev’s enemy for a long time, and even tried assassinating him. They never really covered why Priced ended up a prisoner in MW2.

Is mace a bad guy in Call of Duty?

Mace is a featured playable character of the Allegiance faction featured in the 2019 video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the 2020 battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone. He also appears as a featured playable character and a major antagonist of Call of Duty: Mobile and the comics.

What happened to Price after killing Makarov?

The operation was to seize a facility apparently associated with Makarov. It didn’t quite end well with the team being overpowered and Price was forced to stay back and was captured and transferred to a Russian Gulag. Soap with the Delta Force then rescue him later.

Can you kill Shepherd in MW2?

To earn the hidden trophy and get a special ending, all you have to do is shoot General Shepherd dead. If you’ve played MW2, you’ll know why — in a shocking, kind of nonsensical, twist, it turns out that General Shepherd is the villain of the story.

Is it possible to kill zakhaev?

When MacMillian tells you, shoot him, but do take the wind into consideration. When you shoot at Zakhaev, he will lost his arm but according to MacMillian that’s enough. Then shoot once more, this time at the pilot sitting in the helicopter (#149). It will get pretty hot then, and you will have to run.

Did Makarov and Shepherd work together?

So yeah, they did work together. Makarov wanted the war to start, so did Shepard. So thats what they did, they worked together and accomplished a goal that they both wanted.

Is Makarov a real person?

Vladimir Vasilevich Makarov (Russian: Владимир Васильевич Макаров; 9 March 1947 in Stalinabad – 11 August 1979 in Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine SSR) was a Soviet footballer.


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