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Why did kanji get a nosebleed?

Why did kanji get a nosebleed?

Kanji gets another nosebleed in the cut scene when Naoto is pushing her body against his as she fell into him. This likely happened because Naoto hit him in the face with her head. We also see Yosuke’s little Susano’o during the bath house scene with Marie, so it’s likely just Atlus turning the trope on its head.

Why does Kanji have black hair?

Kanji does because you see in the Golden ending he has black hair after not dying his hair for several months. Yu and Naoto are just typical anime people with wacky hair colours.

What is Kanji weak to?

Return after rescuing Kanji to find Intolerant Officer on the 11th floor. He’s weak to electric and does Medium Ice damage to one party member. He will use it to double attack Yukiko if she’s in battle.

Why does Yu Narukami have GREY hair?

His hair is grey just because. Only one who confirm dyed his hair is Kanji, for rebelling purposes. Based on the epilogue, he might actually have had black hair all along and chose to dye it back.

Where can you find kanji p4?

Find Kanji hanging out in the Practice Building 1F of Yasogami High School. On holidays and Sundays, he’ll be in the north of the Shopping District.

How do you get kanji clues?

Searching for Clues First, head to the Central Shopping District, North and talk with Kanji’s mother who is standing outside the textile shop. She tells you to ask the boy who had been around him. Next, you’ll need to talk with the kid who Kanji has been hanging out with.

How do you talk to Kanji?

You need to talk to a girl right by the second floor stairs in the school. After that, find Kanji and talk to him in the practice building 1st floor and you’ll start his link.

What makes the King of Hearts different?

The king of hearts is the only without a moustache – but not because of superior personal hygiene. He originally had one, but it was lost in the reproduction of the original design. A similar mistake caused his axe to become a sword. Ever wondered why the ace of spades’ spade is larger and more ornate than the others?

Where is Naoto kanji?

Naoto is usually in the upper-left corner of the screen in Junes.

How old is Naoto?

Naoto Shirogane
Age 15-16
Birthday April 27, 1995
First Appearance Persona 4
Weapon Gun

Is Naoto a girl or boy?

Naoto is female. She feels the need to pretend to be male because she doesn’t think she will be taken seriously as a detective if she is female. Japan still has a very male based societal structure. She is NOT transgender.

Does Naoto bind?

idol) Rise also knows that Naoto is a girl, and therefore probably binds to get that complete male-looking chest.

What is Naoto’s persona?


How did Naoto get a gun?

She got it because she’s part of the police force, or she got it from her family. If I remember correctly, it is illegal for a citizen to own a gun. You must be with the police.

What skills does Naoto learn?

Naoto has balanced Strength and Magic, being able to multitask between Physical, Light/Dark and Almighty attacks. Naoto has the highest Agility stat out of the whole group. After learning Hama Boost, Mudo Boost, Mahamaon and Mamudoon, she can quickly perform crowd control to reduce the number of enemies on the field.

What is Naoto weak to?

Strategy. It is advisable to cross-fuse the Persona Tam Lin before engaging Naoto (the protagonist must be at least level 53 first), as it has no weakness to any element and its Ziodyne skill inflicts extra damage on her (no knockdown).

Where did Chibi Naoto come from?

Naoto Shirogane
Nationality Japanese

How many floors are in the secret lab?

9 floors

Is Chie or kanji better?

Golden, Kanji is leagues stronger than Chie since he also learns Power Charge. The difference becomes Chie’s high crit rate and Kanji’s super high defense and HP. They’re both equally good for different reasons.

Is Naoto better than Yosuke?

Simply put, Yosuke deals more raw damage, but Naoto has more diversity. Naoto delt more then enough damage for me though, so the raw damage Yosuke gives does not off-set Naoto’s diversity. Naoto will be the Bufudyne variant.

What level should I fight kanji?

It is generally a good idea to attempt challenging Shadow Kanji when your party is at around Level 22 and above. If the party is any lower than that, they will have a difficult time keeping your health up. Additionally, make sure the party’s armor has high protection values as the fight is physically oriented.

In Japan, black and dark brown are the only natural hair colors unless you’ve got foreign blood in you. Kanji does because you see in the Golden ending he has black hair after not dying his hair for several months.

How long do you have to save kanji?

The best day to save anyone is the first day the dungeon is unlocked, which you can usually do in like 1-2 days. It’s generally just a good idea to always knock it out as soon as possible so you can focus on other things.

How many floors is steamy bathhouse?

eleven floors

What is daring gigas weak against?

The Daring Gigas encountered on the seventh floor has no weaknesses and Nulls Light and Dark attacks. It will follow a set pattern throughout the battle of Power Charge, Rebellion, Tarukaja and Single Shot.

Where is Naoto p4?

Naoto Shirogane can be met up with on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. She’s not available on rainy days. To find Naoto, visit the Classroof Building 1F on weekdays. On holidays and Sundays, she’s at the Samegawa Flood Plain area.

Is Naoto a girl Persona 4?

Naoto Shirogane (白鐘 直斗, Shirogane Naoto) is a young detective who moves to Inaba in order to aid the police in investigating the serial-murder case. Although Naoto is female, she dresses in a masculine fashion and everyone in Inaba believes her to be a boy.

Is Naoto good Persona 4?

Naoto is a fine character. Yeah, she’s not the most help against bosses, but she should serve you pretty well.

Does Naoto use a real gun?

All the weapons that they bring into the TV are actually just for art and are not real weapons. Even Naoto’s gun is fake. They become weapons when they are in the TV.

Naoto is a girl, but her family have history working as detective so she prefer doing work as boy for less complication. The team only find out later during their investigation, so at first Kanji and team think she is a “he” too.

Is Naoto a kuzunoha?

Naoto isn’t a devil summoner (as cool as it would be to have another devil summoner in a Persona game), which leaves two options: 1) Naoto isn’t a Kuzunoha, or 2) Naoto is a Kuzunoha who is fail.

Having recognized the change in her psyche and resolution, Naoto’s Persona, Sukuna-Hikona, transfigures into Yamato-Takeru. To pursue a Lovers Route with Naoto, the protagonist must initiate the Rank 6 & 8 events.

Can you play as a female in Persona 4?

No. If you want to play as a girl in a Persona game then you need to play Persona 2 Eternal Punishment or you’re given a gender option in Persona 3 Portable. Megami Tensei protagonists are generally male.

What level is Naoto’s Shadow?

Persona 4

Arcana Level SP
Fortune 55 1,800

Is Teddie a boy or girl Persona 4?

Yea Teddie is a guy, unless we get technical do shadows even have a gender? Personas have genders and since Shadows and Personas are the same thing, Shadows probably have genders too.

Can you cheat Marie Persona 4?

Persona the 4 girls in your team count. Marie rest are not considered cheating. Note that for each major holiday Christmas, New Years, Valentines you can only marie one non-Marie girl, so you won’t be able to see all the scenes.

Why does Adachi kill?

He killed yamino and saki because he basically wanted to bang them and they refused and in his rage pushed them in the tv the rest besides mitsuo were natatame’s doing. Adachi told natatame to throw the people in the tv to keep his little game going.


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