HomeBoard GamesWhere do you go after talking to Steven?

Where do you go after talking to Steven?

Where do you go after talking to Steven?

After You Defeat Brawly Brawly tells you that Steven rushed off to Granite Cave, so that is where you should go next.

Where do I go after giving Steven the letter?

After you find Steven in Granite Cave and give him the Letter, you can ask Mr. Briney to take you to Slateport City.

What happened Mr Briney?

Briney, he will offer to ferry the player in his boat among Petalburg City and Dewford Town, as well as Slateport City (but only after the Letter to Steven is delivered) until they gain the Balance Badge from their father, after which he promptly disappears from all three areas.

Where do I go after Rusturf tunnel?

You will recover the Devon parts and save Mr. Briney’s Peeko after defeating the grunt. Return the parts to the researcher in Rustboro City. After that, head to Route 104 and sail to Dewford Town to continue your adventure.

How do you break the rock in Rusturf tunnel?

Once you reach Verdanturf Town, enter the tunnel from the opposite side and use Rock Smash to destroy the rubble blocking the tunnel.

What Pokemon can be caught in Rusturf tunnel?

Location of Rusturf Tunnel in Hoenn. Rusturf Tunnel (Japanese: カナシダトンネル Kanashida Tunnel) is a tunnel between Rustboro City and Verdanturf Town, hence the name….Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Trainer Pokémon
Route 116 side
Team Aqua Grunt SE Reward: 220 After earning the Stone Badge Poochyena♂ Lv.11 No item

How do I get rid of Team Aqua in Slateport city?

You need to deliver the Devon Goods to Capt. Stern at the shipyards (the big building with the red roof). Talk to the people and one of them will tell you that Stern is that the museum. After that, the line of Team Aqua grunts at the Museum is gone and you can pay to get in.

What do I do after giving the Devon parts to Stern?

Team Aqua/Magma Grunt – P560 After defeating the grunts, you will deliver the Devon Parts to Captain Stern. Exit out of the Oceanic Museum and try leaving Slateport through the northern route. You will be stopped by a crowd in front of the Pokemon Contest Hall.

How do I get through Verdanturf tunnel?

After you go through Route 116, you enter Rusturf Tunnel to find the Team Magma/Aqua Grunt who stole the Devon Goods and Peeko.

  1. Catch Pokémon.
  2. Get an Item.
  3. Battle the Grunt.
  4. Go back Outside.
  5. Return the Stolen Goods.
  6. Go to Mr. Briney’s Cottage.

Where do you go after Rustboro city?

When you’re ready, go back to Rustboro City and finish exploring there, then go north to to Route 115. You can’t access the whole route right now, but if you go west to the beach, then follow the beach north and east, you will find a Super Potion at the end of the beach.

Where do I go after Verdanturf town in Pokemon Emerald?

You can buy more in Rustboro City. Afterward, go all the way back to Mauville City. From there, go north to Route 111.

Where do I go after Verdanturf town in Omega Ruby?

With everything out of the way, bring a Pokemon with Rock Smash to Rusturf Tunnel. Use the Pokemon to smash the rocks and open the tunnel to Route 116. After clearing the tunnel, your next destination is Route 111 to the north of Mauville City.

Where do you go after beating wattson in Emerald?

After Wattson Then use the west exit of Mauville City to reach Route 117.

What level is wattson?

Leader Wattson Magnemite Magneton
Items Level 19 Level 21
Magnet Pull Sturdy Magnet Pull Sturdy
Attacks: Thunder Wave Tackle Volt Switch Attacks: Supersonic Magnet Bomb Volt Switch
Hold Item: No Item Hold Item: No Item

What do you do after Mauville city in Sapphire?

Did you beat the Mauville Gym? If so, go to the left to Verdanturf Town and go to Rusturf Tunnel. There, break a rock and you get HM Strength from Wanda’s boyfriend. After that, go back to Mauville City and go north.

What level does Marshtomp evolve?

It evolves from Mudkip starting at level 16 and evolves into Swampert starting at level 36.

What color is shiny Swampert?



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