HomeBoard GamesWhere do you get tomatoes in KH3?

Where do you get tomatoes in KH3?


Where do you get tomatoes in KH3?

Tomato. This item can be found in Galaxy Toys 2F in Toy Box World.

How many ingredients are in KH3?


What is the strongest Keyblade in kh3?

Know which Keyblade is the strongest in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3)! Check out this KH3 ranking guide on which Keyblades are the best, including the Ultima Weapon, Classic Tone, Wheel of Fate, & more!…1. Ultima Weapon Keyblade Overview.

Strength Magic Ability
13 13 – Combo Boost – Air Combo Boost – Situation Boost

Can you dual wield in KH3?

Dual-Wielding Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 Just like Roxas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2, Sora will have access to the Dual Wield Form once the two Keyblades are obtained. This gives Sora the power to wield both the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblade at the same time.

What are Battlegates in KH3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 has 14 Battlegates. This guide shows all Battlegate locations as well as the associated rewards for completing them, along with unique enemies that only spawn during in them. Battlegates are extra arena fights that you unlock at the end of story.

How many Battlegates are there in KH3?


Where are the Battlegates?

Where to Find All 14 Battlegates in Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Battlegate #1 – Olympus, Summit.
  • Battlegate #2 – Olympus, Apex.
  • Battlegate #3 – Twilight Town, Old Mansion.
  • Battlegate #4 – Toy Box, Kid Korral.
  • Battlegate #5 – Toy Box, Galaxy Toys.
  • Battlegate #6 – Kingdom of Corona, Wildflower Clearing.

Where is Battlegate 14?

You can find the KH3 secret boss, Dark Inferno, behind Battlegate #14 (the final one in the group). It is located in The Keyblade Graveyard world in the Badlands area. To reach Dark Inferno the quickest, fast travel to the Badlands area and head north from the cave.

Where are the battle portals in KH3?

Go to the service area of the Door Vault (the seventh fast travel point) and head outside to the power plant. Once out, follow the path until you reach the silo. The battle portal will be in the middle of the silo. The difficulty is one star, and the rewards include an Illusory Crystal and secret report #8.

Where is Battlegate 12 San Fransokyo?

Battlegate 12 location Location: San Fransokyo – In the North District on the roof of a building next to all the flying fans. Strategy: We’re back to an easy one after a couple of tough fights.

What are illusory crystals used for KH3?

They are rewards for Battle Portals.

Where do I get Damascus in KH3?

The easiest way to get Damascus in Kingdom Hearts 3 is from Chests. We found that Damascus spawns in Chests from Kingdom of Corona and after that in Monstropolis, Arendelle, The Caribbean, and 100 Acre Wood.

Which Keyblade should I upgrade in KH3?

While there is one clear winner in the power stakes – Ultima Weapon is the best keyblade in KH3 hands-down – every other keyblade can be more or less made on par with each other through upgrades, thus making your choice of which to use more about abilities and the various form changes each weapon has.

How do I unlock Damascus?

Damascus camo – unlocked when every single gun in the game has earned the Platinum camouflage. Obsidian camo – unlocked by completing kill challenges with specific guns, i.e 15 kills in 200 different matches with the MP5. You can only make a start on it once you’ve unlocked Gold for that specific weapon.

Can you upgrade all Keyblades in KH3?

Every Keyblade, however, can be upgraded in the Moogle Shop to have strong stats in both categories. However, you’re unlikely to have enough materials to level up your full set of Keyblades during a single playthrough (each Keyblade has up to 10 levels).

Are Keyblades worth upgrading?

It is extremely viable. Every keyblade is viable if you upgrade them.



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