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What level of puzzles and empires has the most enemies?

What level of puzzles and empires has the most enemies?

The following are the stages with the most monsters per World Energy.

  • S2: 4-3 N (5.83 per Energy)
  • S2: 3-1, 2,5 (5 per Energy)
  • S2: 5-3 (5.17 per energy)
  • S2: 7-1 (5.33 per energy)
  • S2: 8-5 (5.17 per Energy)
  • S2: 9-4 (5.17 per energy)

What is an elite enemy?

Elite enemies are specialized enemies that, unlike their ordinary counterparts, share mana and special skills like bosses and often dominant a single stage. In Season 1, elite enemies are elementals, first appearing in S1: Province 3 with Doomers.

Who is the strongest hero in empires and puzzles?

Best Heroes Ranking In Empires & Puzzles

  • Gravemaker. Gravemaker has such speed and tankiness that he deserves this ranking in the tier list.
  • Black Knight.
  • Finley.
  • Alice.
  • Zeline.
  • Kingston.
  • Lianna.
  • Guardian Gazelle.

Where can I farm food in empires and puzzles?

Besides Raids, season 1, stage 9 – 1 (first battle) gives you 1800 food and some change for 3 energy. This is the best place to farm that I discovered so far. For food, the best place is apparently Season 2 15-8 Hard with an average of 787.87 ham/flag. The meatmills will farm ham for you.

How do you spend food in empires and puzzles?

Spending Food

  1. Leveling up and ascending heroes.
  2. Leveling up troops.
  3. Upgrading Mines and the Watchtower.
  4. Doing research in the Training Camp, Forge, Hunter’s Lodge or Alchemy Lab.
  5. Training heroes in the Training Camp.
  6. Crafting battle items in the Forge.
  7. Rerolling the raid search to find a new opposing team.

How do you get experience in empires and puzzles?

Gain experience quests are really helpful….I generally use my World Energy in this order to level up faster:

  1. Complete available Quests.
  2. If Quests are done and a Wanted Mission (Monsters) is available, farm 13-6 for monsters.
  3. If no available Quests or Wanted Missions are available, farm 8-7 for recruits.

How do heroes gain experience in empires and puzzles?

Is cannibalism the only way for them to gain experience, while running day to day operations? “Cannabalism” is such an ugly word that we all say training. But, yeah, feeding heroes (btw recruits who were fed through a grinder to make a hero) is how the hero who is eating gains exp.

Can you train troops in empires and puzzles?

How to level up your Troops? You can use Barracks to level your Troops. You can convert any one of your buildings to Barracks once your Stronghold has been upgraded to level 10.

How do you level up bane?

The guaranteed way to level special of a lvl 50 bane is to feed him with 4 duplicates of him at once which will give 100% chance to level up, or 3 dupes bane plus 7 yellow 2 star. Repeat this 3 times, then you’ll get him max.

What is a trainer hero in empires and puzzles?

Trainer heroes are a special type of hero that is designed specifically to help other heroes level up. They may be found at star levels 1-4 only, and always come fully leveled and ascended. Trainer Heroes do not have a class and thus cannot be improved beyond their current state.

Can you upgrade troops in empires and puzzles?

You can upgrade Troops in Barracks, which become available once your Stronghold has been upgraded to level 10. Once the Stronghold has been upgraded, you can start converting a building that is over level 5 and offers you the option to ‘convert’ to Barracks.

What does ascend mean in empires and puzzles?

Ascension is denoted by the number of golden/grey chevrons on each hero card. Each new level of ascension increases the attack, defense, and health of the hero significantly. It also levels up the hero’s Special Skill. 1* heroes ascend once. 2* and 3* heroes ascend twice.

Where are the hidden blades in empires and puzzles?

All unfarmable ascension mats may be acquired by completing Wanted Missions, killing Titans, winning Wars, competing in Challenge Events. The Mount Umber rare quest also rewards a Hidden Blade.

What is a wanted mission in empires and puzzles?

Wanted Missions appear as chests in the upper lefthand corner but, to open each chest, players are required to attain a number of kills of various types.

Where are the Ascension items in empires and puzzles?

They only appear randomly from Chests (Monster, Raid, Titan and Elemental) Mystic Vision and by completing Rare Quests or Challenge Events – or when they are offered for gems or money…

Where can I buy Ascension materials?

City Shops. In Genshin Impact, ascension items may also be bought at the various shops throughout the world. In Mondstadt, find rare plants such as the Small Lamp Grass and Cecilia by completing the Flighty Flora… and Flora mission.

What is alchemy lab empires and puzzles?

Highly anticipated (see the original Idea/Suggestion thread), the Alchemy Lab is a crafting building that transmutes lower level items into higher rarity items. It also transmutes farmable ascension materials into non-farmable ascension materials of the same rarity.

How do you use emblems in empires and puzzles?

Class Emblems are used for acquiring a hero’s class talents and are found under the General tab of one’s Inventory. Emblems may only be invested into talents when a hero is fully leveled, ascended, and has their special skill maxed. Each of the 10 Hero Classes has a corresponding emblem.

Are there any cheats for empires and puzzles?

The only real way to cheat is by using a Empires & Puzzles bot. The makers will either lure you into completing meaningless surveys (which in the end require “human verification”) or steal sensitive information such as your game account credentials.

How many emblems does it take to Max a 5 star?

a 4* is around 500 emblems, a 5* is about 1500.

How many emblems does it take to Max a 5 star hero?


What is the Talent Grid in empires and puzzles?

Talents are only available once a hero has attained maximum level with their special skill maxed. At that point, their Level Up and Ascend buttons are removed and replaced with one called “Talent Grid”.

How many classes are there in empires and puzzles?

Each hero belongs to one of 10 Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, Rogue, Druid, Monk, Ranger, Sorcerer or Paladin. Leveling up a hero in their Hero Class allows the…

How do you reset talent grids in empires and puzzles?

Reset Emblems are used to Reset a Hero’s Talent Grids. Using a Reset Emblem recoups 100% of the Emblems spent for the Hero. If you do not have Reset Emblem, you can still Reset your Talent Grid by using Gems, however, you will receive only 95% of the Emblems back that you have spent on the Hero.

Can you restart empires puzzles?

The empire you’re building is intended to grow with you, and the game is implemented so that there is no true benefit in resetting your progress. Please note that it is not possible to build any “wrong” buildings in the game. In theory, you can reset your progress by deleting and then re-installing the game.


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