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What is the Silicon Lottery of a Graphics Card?

Silicon lottery
Silicon lottery

Silicon Lottery is the Quality of silicon chip that is placed in GPUs and CPUs. For Example: If you take two GPUs of the same brand and compare them after installation, you will notice a slight difference in their performance either in their base clock or any other overclocking.

This difference cannot be noticed during your purchase hours, it can only be noticed after being installed. So the point is it totally depends on the LUCK FACTOR, which quality you will get; it is because as during the manufacturing of GPUs if any of the error occurs while slicing the silicon wafers it may produce a slight difference in the GPU’S performance.

On the basis of Quality; the Silicon lottery is divided into 3 types:


It is the best type of Silicon lottery as it provides a High Rate of Overclocking which can be achieved in low voltage which means requires less power, so yes if you get this then you are the winner.

This type produces 14GBPS chips with a great memory of GDDR6 which produces tremendous high speed with less voltage consumption, especially for NVIDIA’S.

It produces 1-2 or 3-4 more Mega hash than other graphic cards…which provides great performance.

It has also produced some 18Gbps GDDRX in the market for NVIDIA’s QUADRO RTX Series…this is the total matter of the overclocking performance. Else nothing is the difference created by the silicon lottery.


It is a medium quality silicon chip with a production of 14Gbps chips but it can be easily overclocked in comparison to others.

You can find it in most of the cards. Though it also produces the same quality of chips as that of Samsung and Microns its Hash power can be easily overclocked …

This is used in INNO 3D company GPU’S and also in most of the NVIDIA’S RTX series.

In the future, we can assume also that it can work with NVIDIA’S GTX 1080 and other future graphic cards of GDDRX6 Memory.

Being the world’s 2nd largest silicon chip manufacturer, we’ll surely trust that in the future it will make a remarkable top spot.


In terms of mining, this type of lottery stands last with GDDR5X which has been used in NVIDIA’S Top GTX 1080, GTX 1080 Ti, and Titan Cards and also GDDR5 performance.

Micron has also been used in the GTX 1070 series but due to its low overlocking speed it has affected the marketing of GTX 1070 but still, a bit of difficulty has been faced by users to overclock it.

In the future, it is seen to be possible for micron to be used in GDDR6,8GB and 14Gbps memory performer GPU’S especially in the deal with NVIDIA.

As micron being the oldest to supply the chips it may be quite hopeful that in the future it may come with something more standing chips as, as per the reports it’s confirmed by corporates that are has secured a deal with NVIDIA for high performance overclocking.

How to find Silicon Lottery of a Graphics Card?

You Can easily find the Silicon lottery of a Graphics Card by using various tools present.

I personally use GPUz for finding out all the Specs of my Graphics card including its Video memory, Speed, Base Clock, Memory Clock, etc.

GPUz Download
GPUz Download
Credit – blank Optimum Tech



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