HomeBoard GamesWhat is a good nickname for Swampert?

What is a good nickname for Swampert?

What is a good nickname for Swampert?

Suggested Nicknames:

  • Poseidon / WaterHazard / Rainster. (Mega Swampert is a powerful water type Pokemon.
  • HydroShock. (The nickname, Hydroshock was inspired by Swamperts water typing, and the move earthquake, because Swampert is also a ground type)
  • Cascade.
  • Aquabuff / Strongha.
  • Spashdown.

What should I name my treecko?

Nicknames for Treecko. Add your names, share with friends. Click to copy.

  • Raptor. 83 14.
  • Gex. 35 15.
  • Blade. 27 7.
  • name it after random tree. 22 10.
  • Treek. 16 12.
  • Razor. 13 2.
  • Rex. 8 3.
  • blade. 4 0.

What animal is Sceptile based on?

leaf-tailed gecko

What should I name my Zigzagoon?

Nicknames for Zigzagoon. Add your names, share with friends. Click to copy.

  • Ziggy. 21 12.
  • Oreo. 18 0.
  • Zander. 16 4.
  • Rocket Raccoon. 14 6.
  • Zero. 11 6.
  • Cooper. 8 1.
  • Ziggz. 8 3.
  • Scout. 7 3.

What is a good name for Obstagoon?

Nickname – Obstagoon Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Obstagoon – Skittles (shiny), rocker, Punko, Flasher, Ziggy (shiny), KISS.

What should I name my Obstagoon?

What’s your favorite nickname for Obstagoon? Funny nicknames, like Helena and Gene, play on its punk rock aesthetic, while creative and original nicknames, like Starchild and Grey Wind, are also solid choices. Vote up all the names you think are fitting for a Pokémon like Obstagoon.

What Pokemon can you rename to evolve?

Rename It! If you remember the original Pokemon cartoon, you may recall the three Eevee Brothers, who each owned one of Eevee’s evolutions: a Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon. If you nickname your Eevee one of the brothers’ punny names, then it will evolve into your desired evolution!

What time of day is espeon?

In this case the evolution will be Espeon from sunrise to sunset, and Umbreon from sunset to sunrise. Update: Now that the evolve button shows what you’re going to get (if it’s not a random draw among the first three), as the other answer here describes, that’s a much better way to tell when to evolve.


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