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What can you see in Aurora?

What can you see in Aurora?

Inside there are several sections that comprise the hulking Aurora. These include the Administration Office, Cargo Bay 3, Seamoth Bay, the Locker Room, the PRAWN Suit Bay, the Laboratory, Living Quarters, and the Drive Room.

Where do I get Aurora codes?

All Aurora door codes in Subnautica

  • Captain’s Quarters: 2679.
  • Cargo Bay: 1454.
  • Robotics Bay: 6666.
  • Cabin No. 1: 1869.
  • Lab Access: 6483.

Where is the aurora black box?

Finding the Black Box Room Make your way down to the pool of water in the Prawn Bay, and walk out on this metal beam. About halfway to the far wall, turn right and look underwater for the tunnel to the Black Box Room. If you see a long tunnel like this you’ve found it, keep going.

Are there Cyclops fragments in the Aurora?

Unlike most other blueprints, the player must find and scan three different sets of fragments to craft. These are: Cyclops Hull fragments (Mushroom Forest, Sea Treader’s Path) Cyclops Engine fragments (Aurora, Crag Field, Crash Zone, Mountains, and the Underwater Islands Wreck)

Where is the robotics lab Subnautica?

The Phi Robotics Center is an Alterra Base located in a large cave in the Glacial Basin.

How do you get Aerogel in Subnautica?

Answer: To get Aerogel in Subnautica, you’ll need Gel Sacks and Rubies. Gel Sacks can be found around the world and are easy to spot because of the luminous purple glow. Meanwhile, Rubies can be found in the Grand Reef, Lost River, and Sea Treader’s Path.

Can Aerogel stop a bullet?

Strong Enough To Stop a Bullet in its Track To collect these delicate particles, each smaller than a grain of sand, aerogel will gradually slow them to a stop without damaging them or altering their shape and chemical composition.

How much do aerogels cost?

Even though producing more aerogel at a time would bring its price down, the process and materials alone come with a high price tag of about $1.00 per cubic centimeter. At about $23,000 per pound, aerogel is currently more expensive than gold [source: NASA JPL, FAQs]!

How do you build an outdoor Growbed?

Exterior Growbeds can be found on the Floating Island, and must be scanned in order to obtain it. One is found beside a Degasi Seabase, housing a Chinese Potato Plant, Small Marblemelon, and a Marblemelon Plant.

What can you plant in exterior Growbed Subnautica?

Marine Flora

Flora Seed Grown In
Acid Mushroom Acid Mushroom Spore Exterior Growbed (Underwater) Alien Containment
Bloodvine Blood Oil Exterior Growbed (Underwater) Alien Containment (x2)
Blue Palm Blue Palm Seed Exterior Growbed (Underwater) Alien Containment
Bulb Bush Bulb Bush Sample Exterior Growbed (Underwater) Alien Containment

What is the rarest flora in Subnautica?

The Sea Crown is one of the rarest types of harvestable flora in Subnautica, with only a small number in existence. Overall, it is the third rarest type of flora in Subnautica, behind the Giant Cove Tree and Fern Palm.

Does blood oil regrow Subnautica?

Blood Oil can be found on the ground or nearby its stems and can be used for farming to grow Bloodvines in an Exterior Growbed or stacked Alien Containments. Similar to the Creepvine, Bloodvines will regenerate Blood Oil over time.

How long does it take for things to grow in Subnautica?

It takes 25 minutes to grow a Bulbo tree, compared to just 7 minutes for Marblemelons….Subnautica.

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Do bulbo trees regrow?

And since there are 4 trees per growbed, that’s a total of 40 samples per full growbed, every 26m:40s (full bulbo tree regrowth cycle).

What is the best fruit in Subnautica?

Lantern Fruit

What is the best plant in Subnautica?

Underwater plants:

  • Regress shell (decorative)
  • Gabe’s feather (decorative)
  • Spotted dock leaf (decorative)
  • Violet beau (decorative)
  • Ghost weed (decorative)
  • Creepvine (silicone rubber, lubricant, fibre mesh)
  • Blood vine (benzene)
  • Acid Mushrooms (batteries)

Do plants regrow in Subnautica?

Resources like stone outcrops, salt, ores, metal salvage, and coral do not respawn. Fish respawn over time and can be bred in Alien Containment Tanks, and plants can be grown with seeds in growbeds. The Reefbacks despawn and respawn like most other sea creatures, providing a renewable, if slow, source of some ores.


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