HomeBoard GamesWhat can you do with Yoshi Mario Sunshine?

What can you do with Yoshi Mario Sunshine?

What can you do with Yoshi Mario Sunshine?

Yoshi has a couple abilities that Mario does not. For one, he can shoot out his tongue with the B Button and use that to eat any enemy in the game. This move can also be used to eat fruit, changing Yoshi’s color and refilling his life (juice) meter.

How do you get 100 coins in sunshine?

The easiest episode to get 100 coins on is Episode 3. You will need to spray open all the flower rings, and make sure to wall-splat any Sanbo Heads that pop up to get a couple extra coins out of each of them.

How many shrines does it take to beat Mario Sunshine?

There are a total of 120 Shine Sprites in Super Mario Sunshine. You’ll only need to collect 50 Shines to “beat the game.” Collecting all of them will earn you a different ending and of course, bragging rights. You can check your progress by clicking on the Shine Sprite on the map screen.

Does Mario Sunshine have multiple endings?

Super Mario Sunshine has a secret ending for players to unlock. This guide will help players learn what it takes to unlock the games secret ending. There is a secret alternate ending in Super Mario Sunshine.

What do you do after beating Bowser in Super Mario Sunshine?

Accepted Answer. It’s worth defeating Bowser, as when you beat him, you see an epic cutscene, you are able to get a t-shirt from the sunglasses guy, and for 10 coins, you can go to the Delfino Airstrip, where you started the game.

How many shines do you need to get Yoshi?

10 Shine

Can you backflip in sunshine?

Back Flip: To do the Back Flip, tap the control stick in the direction behind you, and hit the A Button. Spin Jump: The Spin Jump is the highest jump Mario can do. Rotate the Control Stick in a circle, then hit the A Button and you will spin up into the air like a tornado.

How do you double jump in Super Mario Sunshine?

Double Jump – Press A just as Mario touches the ground from another jump. The Double Jump goes even higher and farther. Triple Jump – Press A just as Mario touches the ground after a Double Jump. Mario will do flips in the air this time and go even higher and farther than before.

How do you super spray in Super Mario Sunshine?

If you hold down R and press A, Mario backflips and sprays a large amount of water. The water blast is useful, but the backflip is very inconvenient. However, you can also perform the same “spam spray” technique in the air. Just press R and A (in that order).

How do you dismount a blooper in sunshine?

You can see two ways of doing this in the video below from Gaming Reinvented: you can either jump onto the Rocket Nozzle box to make Mario jump off the Blooper, or crash into one of the Piantas in a rubber ring to bounce the Blooper out of existence. The latter is probably the easiest. And voilà!

How do you spray wide in Super Mario Sunshine?

I recently found that when you hold down R to spray water with the Squirt Nozzle, then press A while still holding R, FLUDD unleashes a wide, far reaching “Scattershot” as I like to call it. The water just explodes out of the nozzle. It works with Yoshi too, and you can also do it during any kind of jump.


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