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What are Solstice packages for?

What are Solstice packages for?

Revolving around upgrading a truly badass-looking armor set by completing various tasks, players can also earn Solstice Packages which contain armor, weapons, or crafting materials. Not only are these gifts a solid supply of loot throughout the event, but they are tied to quest steps for each of the three class’ armor.

How do you get a solstice chest?

You’ll find Solstice Packages as part of the possible contents of these reward chests. In order to open one you’ll need to gather at least 15 Solstice Key Fragments. To earn those, you can find them in these same chests, as well as earn them from Eva’s Bounties or multiplayer games in Strikes or Crucible matches.

How do you get to EAZ?

To find the EAZ activity button, open up the Director and navigate to the Destinations tab. From here, select the Tower. At the top of the Tower map is a blue banner that reads: European Aerial Zone. This is how you start the activity.

What is a EAZ run?

Everyone gets loot whenever a chest is opened, so split up and open as many chests as possible before time runs out. In a nutshell, the EAZ is about killing mini-bosses as fast as possible, melting a boss, and then opening chests as fast as possible.

What is EAZ destiny?

The EAZ is an 3-player match-made activity. In the EAZ, also known as the European Aerial Zone, you fight minibosses and bosses to complete objectives, then you go on a treasure hunt. The activity is on floating islands. Each activity gives you Solstice Keys and Solstice Packages.

How do you complete a run through the EAZ?

A run through the EAZ consists of a few rounds:

  1. Kill as many minibosses as you can within the time limit.
  2. Kill the boss.
  3. Unlock the hidden chests within the time limit.

Does solstice armor need to be equipped?

The event centers around this armor, and you will need to complete various challenges to level it up from Renewed to Majestic, and then finally to Magnificent. If you have been wondering whether you need to wear this armor to get the challenges complete, the answer is yes, unfortunately.

Does solstice armor have to be equipped?

The only thing you need to equip the full set for is to drop elemental orbs. Outside of that, you can mismatch your gear as desired.

Can you get Solstice armor in beyond light?

Armor glows which were introduced in Destiny continue on in Destiny 2 through Solstice of Heroes. Heralding the new elemental subclass arriving in Destiny 2’s fall expansion Beyond Light, players can rank their armor up to Magnificent through a series of difficult tasks that remain uniform for each Guardian class.

How much do solstice glows cost?

And that does seem to be the case: According to TodayInDestiny, each set of glows will go for 6000 Bright Dust (which can be earned by playing the game, but this is a high price) or 1500 Silver, which based on regular Steam conversion out to $15 per set. Not cheap, whichever method you pick.

How much does solstice armor cost?

The set costs either 6000 Bright Dust or 1500 Silver.

Can New Light Players do solstice?

Solstice of Heroes will run through September 8, giving players a month to complete everything it has to offer. The event will be open to all players, including New Light newcomers.

How long will solstice of Heroes last?

Solstice of Heroes kicks off on August 11, and runs until September 8 – giving you four weeks to earn that glow up!


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