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Unit 42 Explains: What Are Cryptomining Attacks?

In 2018, cryptocurrency mining displaced ransomware as the top security threat to organizations. But what are cryptomining attacks and how do they work? Unit 42 explains.

Unit 42 is the global threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks and a recognized authority on cyberthreats, frequently sought out by enterprises and government agencies around the world.

Our research focuses on how criminals, spies, terrorists, hacktivists, and military personnel craft attack sequences to accomplish their missions. Unit 42 analysts are experts in threat hunting and collecting unknown threats as well as completely reverse-engineering malware using code analysis. Unit 42 has been internationally recognized for key research on threats and campaigns, including OilRig, Sofacy, KeRanger, Nigerian cybercrime, and cryptocurrency mining malware.

We share our findings freely so defenders everywhere can access world-class threat intelligence. The team regularly disseminates finished intelligence products in the form of white papers, adversary playbooks and blog posts, available at https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com.



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