Union Transformation in Informatica

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Union transformation is an lively and linked transformation. It is multi enter group transformation used to merge the info from a number of pipelines right into a single pipeline. Basically it merges information from multiples sources identical to the UNION ALL set operator in SQL. The union transformation doesn’t take away any duplicate rows.

Union Transformation Guidelines

The following guidelines and tips needs to be used when utilizing a union transformation in a mapping

  • Union transformation accommodates just one output group and might have a number of enter teams.
  • The enter teams and output teams ought to have matching ports. The datatype, precision and scale should be similar.
  • Union transformation doesn’t take away duplicates. To take away the duplicate rows use sorter transformation with “choose distinct” possibility after the union transformation.
  • The union transformation doesn’t generate transactions.
  • You can not join a sequence generator transformation to the union transformation.
  • Union transformation doesn’t generate transactions.

Creating union transformation

Follow the under steps to create a union transformation

  1. Go the mapping designer, create a brand new mapping or open an present mapping
  2. Go to the toolbar-> click on on Transformations->Create
  3. Select the union transformation and enter the identify. Now click on on Done after which click on on OK.
  4. Go to the Groups Tab after which add a bunch for every supply you wish to merge.
  5. Go to the Group Ports Tab and add the ports.

Components of union transformation

Configure the next tabs of union transformation

  • Transformation: You can enter identify and outline of the transformation
  • Properties: Specify the quantity of tracing stage to be tracked in the session log.
  • Groups Tab: You can create new enter teams or delete present enter teams.
  • Group Ports Tab: You can create and delete ports for the enter teams.

Note: The ports tab shows the teams and ports you create. You can not edit the port or group data in the ports tab. To do adjustments use the teams tab and group ports tab.

Why union transformation is lively

Union is an lively transformation as a result of it combines two or extra information streams into one. Though the whole variety of rows passing into the Union is similar as the whole variety of rows passing out of it, and the sequence of rows from any given enter stream is preserved in the output, the positions of the rows should not preserved, i.e. row no 1 from enter stream 1 won’t be row no 1 in the output stream. Union doesn’t even assure that the output is repeatable.

Union Transformation Example

1. There are two tables in the supply. The desk names are employees_US and employees_UK and have the construction. Create a mapping to load the info of those two tables into single goal desk staff?

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