Uilabel Make Bold With Code Examples

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Uilabel Make Bold With Code Examples

In this lesson, we’ll use programming to try to unravel the Uilabel Make Bold puzzle. This is demonstrated by the code under.

swift 5
label.font = UIFont.daringSystemFont(ofSize: 12.0)

We’ve proven easy methods to use programming to unravel the Uilabel Make Bold downside with a slew of examples.

How do you make UILabel daring?

Double Click on Bold to pick out it, after which proper click on on it to see extra choices. Select font > Bold from that possibility. It ought to do the duty.29-Jun-2020

How do I make textual content daring in Swift?

Swift Tool Belt, Part 6: Extending UIFont

  • let boldFont = UIFont. daringSystemFont(ofSize: 16) let italicFont = UIFont. italicSystemFont(ofSize: 16)
  • label. font = UIFont. preferredFont(forTextModel: . physique) label.
  • let boldFont = UIFont. preferredFont(forTextModel: . headline). daring() let italicFont = UIFont.

How do I make font daring in Xcode?

Whenever you kind a dot, Xcode will present you the doable modifiers or values you need to use. For instance, you will note varied font weight choices once you kind a dot within the fontWeight modifier. You can select daring to daring the textual content. If you need to make it even bolder, use heavy or black .

How do I make my font daring in Objective C?

  • It provides a technique proper to UIFont. so on this case it could be like: let boldFont = originalFont.daring() – cscott530.
  • A getter property is likely to be a greater possibility right here since a operate can return a worth or carry out some motion. That ambiguity might be clarified with a property and saves you from typing the parenthesis.

What is NSAttributedString?

An NSAttributedString object manages character strings and related units of attributes (for instance, font and kerning) that apply to particular person characters or ranges of characters within the string. An affiliation of characters and their attributes is known as an attributed string.

How do I alter the textual content weight in Swift?

font = [UIFont fontWithName:@”TrebuchetMS-Bold” size:18];Weight defines all the choices:

  • ultraLight.
  • skinny.
  • gentle.
  • common.
  • medium.
  • semibold.
  • daring.
  • heavy.

How do I make textual content italic in Swift?


  • Bold:- for altering the textual content as daring we want .daringSystemFont.
  • Italic:- for altering the textual content as italic we want .italicSyatemFont.
  • Underline:- for altering the textual content as underline we want NSUnderlineModel.
  • coloration:- for altering the textual content coloration we want .foregroundColor: coloration identify.

How do you modify font coloration in Swift?

【Swift】How to alter the colour of Text

  • Specify a coloration utilizing System coloration.
  • Specify the colour with RGB (0 ~ 1.0)
  • Specify the colour in RGB (0 to 255)
  • Specify the colour code.

Can you daring textual content in markup?

There is not an choice to daring, italicize, or underline textual content in Markup. You do have the chance to regulate the textual content measurement and font. More details about including textual content to pictures might be discovered within the following article.07-Jun-2021

How do I alter textual content in Xcode?

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