Swift Go To Root View Controller With Code Examples

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Swift Go To Root View Controller With Code Examples

In this text, we’ll see easy methods to resolve Swift Go To Root View Controller with examples.

// For Navigation
self.navigationController?.popToRootViewController(animated: true)
// For Presenting modally
self.view.window!.rootViewController?.dismissViewControllerAnimated(false, completion: nil)

We investigated a variety of use instances so as to discover a answer to the Swift Go To Root View Controller downside.

How do I get to the foundation view controller in Swift?

What is root view controller in Swift?

The root view controller gives the content material view of the window. Assigning a view controller to this property (both programmatically or utilizing Interface Builder) installs the view controller’s view because the content material view of the window.

How do I modify the foundation view controller?

1) Remove Storyboards from app. plist file, 2) Uncheck possibility “isInitialViewController” from Storyboards which is checked in case of Tab Bar controller as a result of its a root ViewController , 3) Add this code in appDelegate. m file.

How do I modify the view controller in Swift?

Switch between View Controllers is among the fundamental and vital a part of virtually each software.

  • Create a brand new Xcode venture.
  • Embed Navigation Controller.
  • Add new View Controllers to Main.
  • Create New Swift Files.
  • Storyboard ID below Identity Inspector.

How do I take advantage of PopToViewController?

  • PopViewController will not be push a view controller its operate like if You press A button then From VC1 you navigate to VC2 and on VC2 there’s Button known as B . Now when u press B and u use PopToViewController then it’ll navigate to VC1..
  • What u need precisely have to push from A-B or Want pop from B-A ? – Anny.

How do I current a ViewController?

To current ViewController which works with XIB file you should utilize the next instance:

  • // Register Nib.
  • let newViewController = NewViewController(nibName: “NewViewController”, bundle: nil)
  • // Present View “Modally”
  • self. current(newViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)

How do I create a root view controller in swift 5?

Go to the Project Navigator → information. plist file → Application Scene Manifest property → Scene Configuration → merchandise 0 and eliminate the property Storyboard Name by clicking the icon that has a minus within the circle subsequent to it.

How do I pop to a particular ViewController in Swift?

swift pop to particular view controller

  • let viewControllers: [UIViewController] = self. navigationController!. viewControllers.
  • for aViewController in viewControllers {
  • if aViewController is YourViewController {
  • self. navigationController!. popToViewController(aViewController, animated: true)

How do I pop two viewControllers at a time in Swift?

There’s additionally a setViewControllers(_:animated:) to incorporate the pop animation. Alternatively you may discover the second final view controller within the viewControllers array after which use popToViewController to keep away from overwriting the complete view controller stack.

How do you name a tab bar controller in Swift?

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