Swift Do While With Code Examples

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Swift Do While With Code Examples

The answer to Swift Do While can be demonstrated utilizing examples on this article.

var x = 0; 
whereas x < 10 { 
    print "(x)" //prints x till x < 10 evaluates to false
    x = x + 1

The actual drawback Swift Do While might be fastened by using another approach, which is printed within the subsequent part together with some code samples for reference.

var counter = 0

whereas true {
    print("Counter is now (counter)")
    counter += 1

    if counter == 556 {
whereas (situation){
  // physique of loop

As we’ve seen, a variety of examples had been used to handle the Swift Do While drawback.

Do While loop IOS Swift?

It ought to be famous that the conditional expression seems on the finish of the loop, so the assertion(s) within the loop execute as soon as earlier than the situation is examined. If the situation is true, the management circulation jumps again as much as do, and the assertion(s) within the loop execute once more.

Do-while () loop is?

The do/whereas loop is a variant of the whereas loop. This loop will execute the code block as soon as, earlier than checking if the situation is true, then it’ll repeat the loop so long as the situation is true.

What is whereas and do-while?

While loop checks the situation first after which executes the assertion(s), whereas do whereas loop will execute the assertion(s) a minimum of as soon as, then the situation is checked. While loop is entry managed loop, whereas do whereas is exit managed loop.23-Sept-2022

Do While loop in IOS?

repeat-while loop, performs a single move by the loop block first earlier than contemplating the loop’s situation (precisely what do-while loop does). Show exercise on this submit. repeat-while loop, performs a single move by the loop block first earlier than contemplating the loop’s situation (precisely what do-while loop does).

How do I iterate in Swift?

You use the for – in loop to iterate over a sequence, akin to gadgets in an array, ranges of numbers, or characters in a string.This instance prints the primary few entries in a five-times desk:

  • for index in 1
  • print(“(index) instances 5 is (index * 5)”)
  • }
  • // 1 instances 5 is 5.
  • // 2 instances 5 is 10.
  • // 3 instances 5 is 15.

What is tuple in Swift?

In Swift, a tuple is a bunch of various values. And, every worth inside a tuple might be of various information varieties. Suppose we have to retailer details about the identify and value of a product, we will create a tuple with a worth to retailer identify (string) and one other worth to retailer value (float)

What is the distinction between do and do-while?

Some time loop is a management circulation assertion that enables code to be executed repeatedly primarily based on a given Boolean situation.Here is the distinction desk:

Do-while and do till distinction?

The DO UNTIL possibility resembles the DO WHILE possibility, in that each choices consider the standing of take a look at expressions; nonetheless, the DO WHILE possibility checks the take a look at expression’s worth initially of the DO-group, whereas the DO UNTIL assertion checks its worth on the finish of the DO-group.

How do you write a do-while loop?

The syntax for a do whereas assertion is: do loop_body_statement whereas (cond_exp); the place: loop_body_statement is any legitimate C assertion or block.Any of the next C statements used as a part of the loop_body_statement can alter the circulation of management in a do whereas assertion:

  • break.
  • proceed.
  • goto.
  • return.

What is a Do While loop instance in actual life?

Real World Example, Go to the tub room: DO { Check_Door_Lock(); } WHILE (WAIT_WHILE_DOOR_IS_LOCKED()); after the loop is finished then the WAIT_WHILE_DOOR_IS_LOCKED() has returned a false worth, so it is not locked anymore, thus, the entire loop ends.24-Aug-2017

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