Swift Dispatch Queue With Code Examples

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Swift Dispatch Queue With Code Examples

Hello, everybody! In this publish, we are going to examine easy methods to uncover the reply to Swift Dispatch Queue utilizing the pc language.

extension DispatchQueue {

    static func background(delay: Double = 0.0, background: (()->Void)? = nil, completion: (() -> Void)? = nil) {
        DispatchQueue.international(qos: .background).async {
            if let completion = completion {
                DispatchQueue.predominant.asyncAfter(deadline: .now() + delay, execute: {


DispatchQueue.background(delay: 3.0, background: {
    // do one thing in background
}, completion: {
    // when background job finishes, wait 3 seconds and do one thing in predominant thread

DispatchQueue.background(background: {
    // do one thing in background
}, completion:{
    // when background job completed, do one thing in predominant thread

DispatchQueue.background(delay: 3.0, completion:{
    // do one thing in predominant thread after 3 seconds

We’ve proven easy methods to use programming to resolve the Swift Dispatch Queue drawback with a slew of examples.

What is a dispatch queue in Swift?

Dispatch queues are FIFO queues to which your software can submit duties within the type of block objects. Dispatch queues execute duties both serially or concurrently. Work submitted to dispatch queues executes on a pool of threads managed by the system.

Is there a queue in Swift?

Introduction to Swift Queue. The Swift queue is similar as another programming language. The queue is an information construction used to retailer ingredient; within the queue, we are able to retailer knowledge from one finish and delete it utilizing one other finish. Queue works and follows FIFO, which implies first in, first out.

How many sorts of dispatch queues are there?

There are two sorts of dispatch queues, serial dispatch queues and concurrent dispatch queues.

What is international queue in Swift?

The international queues are concurrent queues and from the primary web page for dispatch_get_global_queue: Unlike the primary queue or queues allotted with dispatch_queue_create(), the worldwide concurrent queues schedule blocks as quickly as threads turn into obtainable (“non-FIFO” completion order).

Are dispatch queues thread secure?

Dispatch queues might be accessed from no matter thread you need as a result of the queues, themselves, are thread-safe.07-Mar-2021

How does a dispatch group work?

You connect a number of work objects to a gaggle and schedule them for asynchronous execution on the identical queue or completely different queues. When all work objects end executing, the group executes its completion handler. You can even wait synchronously for all duties within the group to complete executing.

How many sorts of queues are there in Swift?

There are 4 such queues with completely different priorities : excessive, default, low, and background.15-Aug-2018

What is distinction between thread and queue?

A message queue is an information construction for holding messages from the time they’re despatched till the time the receiver retrieves and acts on them. Generally queues are used as a option to ‘join’ producers (of information) & customers (of information). A thread pool is a pool of threads that do some type of processing.19-Apr-2014

What is stack and queue in Swift?

Stack: Protocol-Oriented Approach. Stack: Generic Implementation. Queues. Queues: Implementation. Linked Lists.06-Sept-2019

What is the distinction between GCD and NSOperationQueue in iOS?

GCD is a low-level C-based API interacts immediately with Unix degree of the system. NSOperation and NSOperationQueue are high-level Objective-C courses.

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