Swift 5 Get App Version With Code Examples

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Swift 5 Get App Version With Code Examples

Hello everybody, In this publish, we’re going to take a look at how the Swift 5 Get App Version downside will be solved utilizing the pc language.

let appVersion = Bundle.primary.infoDictionary?["CFBundleShortVersionString"] as? String

There are many various approaches to fixing the identical downside Swift 5 Get App Version. The following part discusses the varied different potential options.

import Foundation

extension Bundle {

    var briefVersion: String {
        if let end result = infoDictionary?["CFBundleShortVersionString"] as? String {
            return end result
        } else {
            return ""

    var constructVersion: String {
        if let end result = infoDictionary?["CFBundleVersion"] as? String {
            return end result
        } else {
            return ""

    var fullVersion: String {
        return "(briefVersion)((constructVersion))"

// Usage:

someLabel.textual content = Bundle.primary.versionNumber
import Foundation

let modelString = Bundle.primary.object(forInfoDictionaryKey: "CFBundleBriefVersionString") as? String ?? "Default String to close up warning"
let constructString = Bundle.primary.object(forInfoDictionaryKey: "CFBundleVersion") as? String ?? "Default String to close up warning"

Using a wide range of totally different examples, we’ve got realized the way to resolve the Swift 5 Get App Version.

How do I verify my app model?

Android Settings Open the Settings app in your Android gadget. Open the “Applications” and/or “Application Manager” part. Tap in your app to pick it. The App Settings Panel has a number of choices together with App Version, Notifications, and Location.18-May-2022

(*5*)How do I discover my swift model?

To verify the Swift model of your present Xcode mission:

  • Click in your mission’s . xcodeproj file.
  • Choose Build Settings.
  • Search for “Swift language model” utilizing the search bar.
  • See the Swift model utilized by this mission.

How verify iOS construct model?

In iOS or iPadOS, go to Settings > General > About and faucet Software Version. For watchOS, in your iPhone’s Watch app, go to General > About and have a look at the Version line. Although it is simple to verify the construct variety of any working system you are working, Apple would not publish a canonical listing of them anyplace.08-Jul-2020

How do you present the replace software for up to date model performance in iOS app swift 4?

for this we have to observe some steps:

  • we have to discover the app retailer software model and present software model ,
  • Now mix this two and write a standard technique to verify like that:
  • Now in your first view controller write this code on viewdidload()
  • if the consumer click on on replace then transfer to app retailer.

What is a app model?

The app model that shows within the app retailer, and it’s the first quantity that’s displayed in MobileFirst Quality Assurance. In Android, this quantity is the versionName. In iOS, this quantity is the CFBundleBriefVersionString. For instance, if the model that’s displayed is 1.4 (1.0), the discharge model quantity is 1.4.

What is model code and model identify?

The model code is an incremental integer worth that represents the model of the appliance code. The model identify is a string worth that represents the “pleasant” model identify exhibited to the customers.09-Mar-2012

What is swift Tools model?

The Swift instruments model declares the model of the PackageDescription library, the minimal model of the Swift instruments and Swift language compatibility model to course of the manifest, and the required minimal model of the Swift instruments to make use of the Swift package deal.

How do I view data plist?

plist entry:

  • Open your Info. plist file.
  • Right-click anyplace on the editor display screen. The context menu will open up, choose Raw Keys & Values.
  • Keys will then present within the uncooked format, which you should utilize as an argument for object(forInfoDictionaryKey:) .

How do I examine model numbers in swift?

To examine app model strings, you should utilize examine(_:choices:vary:) with an choice of . numeric . For brevity, I’ll create a String extension to wrap examine(_:choices:vary:) and name it versionCompare(_:) .08-May-2020

How do I discover app construct quantity?

Android System Settings Once in Settings, faucet Apps and notifications (or your telephone producer’s identify it). When you are in there, faucet See all xyz apps (the place xyz is the variety of apps you could have put in). Now scroll down till you discover the app you need to discover the model for. Then faucet it within the listing.09-Dec-2020

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