Python Boxplot Legend With Code Examples

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Python Boxplot Legend With Code Examples

The answer to Python Boxplot Legend might be demonstrated utilizing examples on this article.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np; np.random.seed(1)


fig, ax = plt.subplots()
bp1 = ax.boxplot(data1, positions=[1,4], notch=True, widths=0.35, 
                 patch_artist=True, boxprops=dict(facecolor="C0"))
bp2 = ax.boxplot(data2, positions=[2,5], notch=True, widths=0.35, 
                 patch_artist=True, boxprops=dict(facecolor="C2"))

ax.legend([bp1["boxes"][0], bp2["boxes"][0]], ['A', 'B'], loc="higher proper")


We now have proven methods to handle the Python Boxplot Legend problemby plenty of completely different circumstances.

How do you add a legend to a field plot in Python?

MatPlotLib with Python Add an axes to the present determine as a subplot association. Make a field and whisker plot utilizing boxplot() technique with completely different facecolors. To position the legend, use legend() technique with two boxplots, bp1 and bp2, and ordered label for legend parts. To show the determine, use present() technique.03-Jun-2021

How do I add a legend to Seaborn boxplot?

By default, seaborn routinely provides a legend to the graph. Discover the legend is on the high proper nook. If we wish to explicitly add a legend, we are able to use the legend() operate from the matplotlib library. On this approach, we are able to add our personal labels explicitly.24-Apr-2021

What’s legend in plot Python?

Legends will be positioned in numerous positions: A legend will be positioned inside or outdoors the chart and the place will be moved. The legend() technique provides the legend to the plot. On this article we’ll present you some examples of legends utilizing matplotlib. Associated course. Information Visualization with Matplotlib and Python.28-Jul-2016

How do you alter the legend of a plot in Python?


  • Import Library (Matplotlib)
  • Import / create knowledge.
  • Plot a chart.
  • Add legend.
  • Set place of legend utilizing loc.

How do I present a legend in Matplotlib?

MatPlotLib with Python Set the determine dimension and regulate the padding between and across the subplots. Utilizing plot() technique, plot traces with the labels line1, line2 and line3. Place a legend on the determine utilizing legend() technique, with variety of labels for ncol worth within the argument. To show the determine, use present() technique.02-Jun-2021

How do I create a legend in Matplotlib?

Within the matplotlib library, there is a operate known as legend() which is used to Place a legend on the axes. The attribute Loc in legend() is used to specify the placement of the legend. Default worth of loc is loc=”greatest” (higher left).12-Apr-2020

How do you add a legend title in Seaborn?

To alter the place of a legend in a seaborn plot, you should use the plt. legend() command. The default location is “greatest” – which is the place Matplotlib routinely finds a location for the legend based mostly on the place it avoids masking any knowledge factors.07-Apr-2021

How do I manually add a legend in Matplotlib?


  • Set the X-axis label utilizing plt. xlabel() technique.
  • Set the Y-axis label utilizing plt. ylabel() technique.
  • Draw traces utilizing plot() technique.
  • Location and legend drawn flags may also help to discover a location and make the flag True for the border.
  • Set the legend with “blue” and “orange” parts.
  • To point out the determine use plt.

How do you make a legend outdoors the plot in Seaborn?

  • 5 Solutions. Sorted by: Highest rating (default)
  • 20220916 Replace. Since model v0.11.2 of seaborn , there may be an in-built management of the legend place, see seaborn.move_legend. To place the legend outdoors: ax = sns.histplot(penguins, x=”bill_length_mm”, hue=”species”) sns.move_legend(ax, “higher left”, bbox_to_anchor=(1, 1))

What’s a legend in a plot?

A legend is a key to a plot that labels knowledge by shade, sample, and image. This instance reveals a fundamental legend. displaying two plots on one graph.

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