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Nvidia RTX A4500 Hashrate, Overclock and Mining Profitability


Nvidia’s RTX series has always been credited for its remarkable mining performance and on 23rd November 2021 Nvidia released RTX A4500.Nvidia RTX A4500 reaches hashrate of 87Mh/s for mining Ethereum(ETH) based on the Ethash Algorithm with 178Watt of Power Consumption and the maximum power it draws is 200W.

Nvidia RTX A4500 Etherium Hashrate

Coin Etherium(ETH)
Hashrate(MH/s) 87 Mh/s
Power Consumption(Watts) 178 W
Profitability $3.23
Return of Investment 774 Days



Nvidia RTX A4500

The RTX A4500 seen to be better in performance and efficiency in comparison to A4000 and also it offers less memory buffer(20GB) than A5000 which offers 24GB.The card is built on GA102 Graphic processor with its GA102GL variant of Ampere Architecture and has a process size of 8nm holding up DirectX 12 Ultimate.

The chip has a large die area of 628mm square and contains 28,300 million transistors.RTX A4500 hashrate reaches upto 87Mh/s with power consumption of 135W which definetly matches with the amount of hashrate it reaches.The card also consists of 56-raytracing accelaration cores.

In addition to,it consists of 7168 Cuda Cores(Shading Units),224 Texture mapping Units(TMUs),96 Render Output Units(ROPs).It has set of 20GB GDDR6 Memory which are connected with 320-bit memory interface and 640.0 GB/s of bandwidth.The GPUs operating frequency is 1050MHz and boost clock is 1650MHz and its memory effectively runs at 16Gbps effectively.

Furthermore,the card measures 267mm(Length) and 112mm(Width) and draws power from 1x8pin power connector, with display output of 4x DisplayPort which is connected to the rest of the system via PCIe 4.0×16 interface with dual slot cooling mechanism.

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Nvidia RTX A4500 Mining Profitability:

This Mining profitability of RTX A4500 is calculated using Minerstat Live Widget

Ethereum mining calculator

Nvidia RTX A4500 Mining Overclock Settings:

Note:The Overclock values in Windows and Linux-based Operating systems are different. Just Double the values of memory Clock and Coreclock in Hive OS.

Power Limit(%) – 135 Watt

Temp. Limit (°C) – °C

Core Clock (MHz)- 1050 MHz

Memory Clock (MHz) – 1650 MHz

Check out below, this informative video by , Yottabit, effectively reviewing about the Nvidia RTX A4500.


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