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Nvidia P102-100 Hashrate, Overclock and Mining Profitability


The Nvidia P102-100 is one of the finest Etherium based mining cards launched by Nvidia on 12th February 2018. It offers hashrate of 47MH/s for mining Ethereum(ETH) based on the Ethash Algorithm with 190watt of power consumption.

Nvidia P102-100 Etherium Hashrate

Coin Etherium(ETH)
Hashrate(MH/s) 47MH/s
Power Consumption(Watts) 190 watt
Profitability $2.52
Return of Investment 310 days


3090 mining rig
Nvidia P102-100

The P102-100 is reviewed to be one of the fastest Etherium(ETH) mining card but can be bit critical to buy due to its expensiveness.It features GP102 graphic processor with GP102-100-A1 variant of PASCAL Architecture and a process size of 16nm,offering the Etherium hashrate of 47MH/s with power consumption of 190 watt which can be quite high for users of hot climate;and maximum power it draws is 250 watt.

In addition to,it features 3200 Cores(Shading Units), 200 texure mapping units(TMUS), and 80 Render Output Unit(ROPs).It has a set of 5GB GDDR5X Memory which are connected with 320-bit memory interface and 440.3 GB/s of Bandwidth. The GPUs operating frequency is 1582 MHz and Boost clock is 1683MHz and Memory effectively running at 11Gbps.

Furthermore, it contains Dual Slot cooling mechanism that requires 2×8-pin power plugs which further has 250 Watt of TDP and PSU of 600 Watt with no display outputs and the all over system uses PCIe 3.0×4 Interface.

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P102-100 Mining Profitability:

This Mining profitability of P102-100 is calculated using Minerstat Live Widget

Ethereum mining calculator

P102-100 Mining and Overclock Settings:

Note:The Overclock values in Windows and Linux-based Operating systems are different. Just Double the values of memory Clock and Coreclock in Hive OS.

Power Limit(%) – 190Watt

Temp. Limit (°C) – °C

Core Clock (MHz) – 1582 MHz

Memory Clock (MHz) – +1683 MHz

Check out below, this informative video by SON OF A TECH, effectively reviewing about the Nvidia P102-100


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