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Nvidia CMP 70HX Hashrate,Overclock and Mining Profitablilty


Nvidia CMP 70HX Hashrate is one of the amazing Desktop Graphic Card to work with and especially optimized for great mining performance and efficiency. Its hashrate reaches upto 81.60MH/s for mining Etherium(ETH) based on Ethash Algorithm with just 199 watt of Power consumption.

Nvidia CMP 70HX Etherium Hashrate

Coin Etherium(ETH)
Hashrate(MH/s) 81.60MH/s
Power Consumption(Watts) 199 Watt
Profitability 3.20$
Return of Investment 438 Days


Nvidia CMP 70HX
Power phases of CMP 70 HX

CMP 70 HX is an Ampere Architecture graphic card which is build on the GA104 Graphic Processor with its GPU variant of GA104-100-A1 and process size of 8nm .The chip size of the processor is quite large with a dia area of 392mm persqaure and contains 17,400 million transistors.It offers the hashrate of 81.60MH/s with power consumption of 199watt and the system power is 220 watt.

Its Memory size is 8GB with memory type of GDDR6X which is connected with 256 Bit memory Interface reaching Bandwidth of 608.3Gb/s effectively.It also features 192 texture mapping unit(TMUs), 96 ROPs and 6144 shading units(Cores).

In the performance rate, the CMP 70HX matches almost with Nvidia 3070Ti or we can say that it is a type of Unlocked Nvidia 3070Ti. The CMP70 HX do not need any display output which is one of the beneficiary part of this card as it helps in improving the ventilation during mining even if the cards are packed and in turn it helps multiple GPUs to be connected to single CPU at one time.

In addition to,its GPU operates at 1365MHz(Core Clock) and can be boosted upto 1395MHz(Boost Clock) and memory running at 19Gbps effectively. Furthermore, the card features a powerful 3 coil cooling system which is again a boon for its airflow conduction connected with 1×12 pin power connector and this Dual slot card is attached via PCIe 4.0x 16 Interface.

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Nvidia CMP 70HX Mining Profitability:

This Mining profitability of CMP 70HX super is calculated using Minerstat Live Widget

Ethereum mining calculator

Nvidia CMP 70HX Mining Overclock Settings:

Note:The Overclock values in Windows and Linux-based Operating systems are different. Just Double the values of memory Clock and Coreclock in Hive OS.

Power Limit(%) – 199 Watt

Temp. Limit (°C) – °C

Core Clock (MHz)- 1365 MHz

Memory Clock (MHz) – 1395 MHz

Check out below, this informative video by , effectively reviewing about the CMP 70HX SUPER .


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