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MSI GTX 1660 Super Overclocking for Mining Ethereum (How to Maximize Hashrate)

Thanks for clicking on my video! In this one I go over how to overclock a MSI GTX 1660 Super graphics card in MSI Afterburner in order to increase the hashrate for Ethereum mining. We start by adjusting the memory clock of the gtx 1660 gpu, and immediately see a big increase in megahash. We then move on to adjusting the core clock of the graphics card in MSI Afterburner and finally we adjust the power limit. All in all I’m very happy with the result of getting over 31 mh/s on the MSI GTX 1660 Super after overclocking it in MSI Afterburner. 31 megahash is in my opinion a very good hashrate for a GTX 1660Super! I hope that after watching this video you’ll know how you yourself can go about overclocking a 1660 super in MSI Afterburner to maximize the hashrate for mining Ethereum.

About overclocking: for crypto mining using GPUs, overclocking is a way of tweaking the settings of your graphics cards in order to improve their performance and thereby increase your mining hashrate. Please remember that overclocking is done at your own risk and the settings for my graphics card won’t necessarily work for you as each card is unique. In short, my process when overclocking in MSI Afterburner for crypto mining is this: pull memory clock all the way down. Then increase by small amounts until you get a crash. Then leave the memory clock where you got the highest hashrate without crashing and repeat the same process for your core clock. Remember that core clock and memory clock can impact each other so it is important to always analyze and adjust your numbers throughout the process, and experiment!

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