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Is Wade Black Kim Possible?

Is Wade Black Kim Possible?

Family. Wade’s unnamed mother appears to be African-American. Only she has rarely appeared on the show, but his father is clearly mentioned as being around especially when using his socks.

Do they ever meet Wade in Kim Possible?

For the first two seasons, and most of the third season, Wade is never seen outside of his room, until the episode “Team Impossible,” after Team Impossible overloaded his computer system with a power spike, he personally arrived on scene, and vented on the three members of the team.

How Old Is Wade in Kim Possible?

Wade. Wade is a 10-year-old genius who runs Kim Possible’s website, supplies her with various gadgets, gives her missions through her “Kimmunicator,” and arranges her transportation. On rare occasions he has even gone on missions with Kim.

What is the sitch Wade?

Kim’s catchphrases include “No big”, “So not the drama”, and “What’s the sitch?”, short for “situation”. Combined, her first and last names are a pun of the word “impossible”.

Why did shego turn evil?

Shego eventually found more interest in villains and abandoned her family for a life on the wild side. Although, some fans believe that she really turned evil due to the attitudinator, which was a device once used on Ron and made him evil for an episode.

Are shego and drakken relationship?

Drakken. Shego was a mercenary for hire, most often shown to be in the employment of Dr. Drakken, though she did on occasion work with and for other villains, especially those who broke her out of prison for that very reason. Her relationship with Dr. Drakken bordered on bizarre.

Who is Kim Possible’s enemy?


Created by Mark McCorkle Bob Schooley
Portrayed by Taylor Ortega
Voiced by Nicole Sullivan
Enemies Kim Possible Ron Stoppable

Is Shego Kim’s sister?

She has a lot in common with Kim and the two quickly become close friends, with Kim going so far as to describe her as being “like a big sister.” Shego also attracts the attention of fellow substitute teacher Steve Barkin, and they enjoyed a brief romance.

Is Shego black?

Despite her obvious pale-green skin, Shego somehow manages to pull off some great disguises on the show. One of her best pulled off disguises was under the orders of Drakken. In fact, he even provided the wig for her.

Why is Shego with drakken?

Shego herself mentioned that her main reason for leaving was that she became fed up with her brothers’ incompetence (so it could have been one reason or the other, or more likely, both). After she quit the team, she found employment with Dr. Drakken because he supposedly pays well.

Is Shego older than Kim?

Physical Description. Age: Unknown, likely middling 20s. (Shego’s exact age is unclear, through her appearance and mannerisms suggest that she is several years older than Kim. It is also mentioned that she has a child development degree.)

Where did Shego go after meeting Kim Possible?

Between the time that she left Team Go and her first encounter with Kim Possible, Shego had eleven countries swear out warrants for her arrest. Eventually, Shego found employment with Dr. Drakken, supposedly because he paid well.

What kind of technology does Kim Possible have?

Wade is also an inventor, sometimes bordering on becoming a mad scientist himself. Among his more mundane devices includes Kim’s iconic grappling hook, laser lipstick, and a compact mirror capable of deflecting energy weapons. On the higher end of the spectrum, Kim’s battle suit (“So the Drama” ) and a love ray (“The Cupid Effect”).

What kind of clothes does Shego wear on Kim Possible?

Her skin has a pale faintly green look. Shego almost always wears a green and black catsuit with an asymmetrical harlequin-dazzle pattern, with one glove and one boot in each color, and a green utility pouch strapped to her lower left leg. It seals along the green “flap”.

What kind of clothes does Wade from Kim Possible wear?

Though Wade is on the large side, his brain is even bigger. He rarely leaves the house and has only been seen in person twice prior to Kim’s Senior year. Wade is short and overweight. Wade is almost always wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans. Wade was inquisitive and curious.


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