HomeBoard GamesIs udina with Cerberus?

Is udina with Cerberus?

Is udina with Cerberus?

User Info: yuri19. I don’t know where everyone is getting that udina was always cerberus. It is stated in game that the lack of council help drove him into the arms of the illusive man. It was only an alliance of convenience, Udina probably felt like he had betrayed all he stood for, but he felt he had no choice.

What did Cerberus do to the Quarians?

From what I gathered, Cerberus was after a human biotic taking refuge aboard the Flotilla and went in guns blazing to take him back. Or specifically, got aboard peacefully and then started shooting in order to take him back. Thus, the “betrayed”.

Where is Garrus after Citadel attack?

User Info: rduck1. He’s in the refugee area near the mercs if I recall correctly. Don’t think there’s any special dialogue though.

What if Garrus died in ME2?

If Garrus dies there is absolutely no replacement and you have an empty spot on your squad. Also Tali, while nobody takes her place on your squad, is replaced plotwise with Admiral Shala’raan Vas Tombay.

What if Tali died in ME2?

Wikia – “If Tali does not survive the events of Mass Effect 2, her role in Mass Effect 3 is replaced by Admiral Shala’Raan vas Tonbay.” Actually it’s Admiral Xen but w/e. Don’t buy the game if you don’t like the ending.

What is the best Mass Effect 3 ending?

In order to get the absolute perfect ending and unlock the secret ending showing the survival of Commander Shepard, you must:

  • Reach 5000 Effective Military Strength (EMS) NOT 5000 Total Military Strength.
  • You must also choose to DESTROY the Reapers (NOT synthesis or control).

Does Tali always die in Mass Effect 3?

You cannot save Legion regardless of what you do. Tali survives so long as you do not pick the geth – either pick the quarians or mediate a peace between them.

Can you stop Tali from killing herself?

You can’t save Tali when she commits suicide. Tali will not attempt suicide in the following scenarios: 1. You side with the quarians instead of the geth.


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