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Is Solana’s $SOL Worth the HYPE?! (Pros & Cons)

Solana is one of the HOTTEST projects in all the crypto space with its token $SOL rocketing all the way to the Top 15 coins in 2021. It is a next generation blockchain network that boasts industry leading transactions per second and block times. They do this through multiple innovations including their solution to the clock problem – Proof of History. They also have some great support from Sam Bankman-Fried and his Alameda Research and FTX empire. With all these great things there’s also some cons/negatives too that I discovered when researching this project. In this video I’ll break down and analyze the Solana project and let you know if it’s WORTH THE HYPE!

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Resources and Links:
Overview (token supply, founder, etc.):

Proof of History:

Tech: (Proof of History is NOT a consensus protocol) (Benefits – block propagation is hyper optimized) (How fast TPS)

Usage and adoption:
( More than Polkadot

Not as decentralized: (Verifying independence through community building) (harder to run nodes, less nodes)

Still in beta:
Can’t verify source of on-chain programs (
Issue of network was down bc of design choices –

No EVM & Rust is hard: (and token distribution)

Token distribution: (And utility too)


Great interviews: (GlobalId) (Blockchain Brad) (Unchained Capital)

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