HomeBoard GamesIs Julius stronger than Dante?

Is Julius stronger than Dante?

Is Julius stronger than Dante?

Dante is impossible to be defeated by julius because of his body magic. Julius can’t deal him any damage but julius can’t be defeated because of his magic to erase time. If julius was fighting with dante he need asta.

Who is Asta father?


Did ASTA kill Dante?

After Asta agrees to a bargain with his own devil, Asta slashes through Dante’s Gravity Singularity. Yami then passes his katana to Asta, who imbues it with Anti Magic and slashes Dante.

Who is the most powerful demon in black clover?

Black Clover: 10 Strongest Villains In The Anime

  1. 1 Megicula Is Powerfully Evil.
  2. 2 Lucifero Can Even Possess Other Devils.
  3. 3 The Devil Zagred Is A True Sadist.
  4. 4 Liebe Is The Anti-Magic Devil.
  5. 5 Morris Is A Scholar Of Evil Sciences.
  6. 6 Patolli’s Journey Takes Him From Villain To Ally.
  7. 7 Dante Zogratis Is The Strongest In The Dark Triad.

Who is stronger ASTA or yuno?

Unless Yuno learns True Wind Magic, Asta is currently stronger. most accurate answer.

Can Asta beat Yami?

So in the short term no, Asta is not stronger than Yami. Yami is more well rounded. He can use the mana zone for defensive techniques like the dark moon and dark cacoon. Combine that with his Chi tracking technique and Asta would have a very hard time attacking Yami.

What rank is Asta now?

He joins the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull squad of the Magic Knights and becomes a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight and temporarily a Royal Knight.

Who is Asta real parents?

That is a question shrouded with many mysteries. Asta’s mother is Lichita, who had the same mana-sucking disease as Henry. Asta is manaless because his mana was taken due to this when he was in the womb. While protecting Liebe (Asta’s devil) from Lucifero, she was attacked by the latter and died as a result.

Is Dante ASTA’s father?

It is presumed that the person in the flashback getting stabbed, is Asta’s parent. It is believed that this woman might be Asta’s mother, thus making Dante his father. However, none of this has been confirmed in the Black Clover series yet.

Who is Licht and tetia child?

There is no mention that Licht and tetia had a son, even by any chance they had one he would have been dead a long time ago. As its been ages since they died. No, Yuno is not the son of Licht and Tetia, but the Elf clan member who was supposed to be in Yuno’s Body is Licht and Tetia’s son.

Who was Lichts wife?

Licht 「リヒト Rihito」 is the leader of the Elf Tribe and one of its ten Apostles of Sephirah. He was married to Tetia, a human woman and the sister of Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, the first Magic Emperor.

Is Asta part elf?

So is Asta half elf? This half-elf later possessed Yuno, but that doesn’t make Yuno the son of Licht. Yuno was able to control this power because of his incredible control over mana, and the fact that the baby was only a half-elf. Asta is a regular kid born regularly in a regular time.

Will yuno become Wizard King?

No. Seeing how Yuno is the heir to the Spade Kingdom Throne (his parents were the king and the queen), it makes sense that Yuno would become the Spade Kingdom ruler. With Asta not becoming the Wizard King, and realizing that’s not what he really wants, and Yuno realizing his responsibilities, and stuff like that.

Are yuno and Asta twins?

Are Asta and Yuno brothers? Asta and Yuno were left at the orphanage in Hage village together. But they are not brothers. As they grew up, they couldn’t be more different.

Does ASTA love Noelle?

Asta is very fond of Noelle as a friend but is mostly unaware of the romantic feelings she has for him. He supports her whenever she needs it, praises her abilities and has unwavering faith in her as a Magic Knight.


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