How Will the Future of Online Gaming Look Like?

The video game industry is booming right now. In fact, there are many people that are pursuing
gaming as a professional career. People are constantly looking for new ways to interact, socialise and
keep themselves entertained. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the gaming industry continues to
grow. It has already become a bigger industry than sports and movies combined.
Online games have attained a lot of popularity in recent years. Almost every game has a multiplayer
mode that allows players from all across the world to play online. However, a good internet
connection is required to do that. So, if you are into multiplayer games, look for a reliable service like
Spectrum internet services. This will allow you to play games with ease!

4 Tech Innovations That Will Shape the Future of Online Gaming

The video game industry is slowly becoming more mainstream. It’s the perfect time for developers to
push the boundaries and use emerging tech and new techniques to bring the best gaming experience
forward. They should try to make the games more realistic and challenging. With that said, here are a
few technologies that will shape the future of online gaming.

1. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Although these two technologies have been around for a while, it is about time developers think about
incorporating them in games. This will help take gamers from a physically controlled world to a
virtual, more immersive environment. A headset is required to use VR applications which can be
uncomfortable for players. However, new wearables will be introduced in the market which includes
wrist devices as well as gloves. This will allow the developers to create touchable items, hence,
bringing a new dimension of realistic gameplay to the world.
But what about augmented reality? How will this play a role to change online gaming? Well,
companies can use AR to design their games by combining both real and virtual world elements. One
example of this is Pokémon Go. AR games can appeal to a larger audience who may not be
experienced gamers.

2. Cloud

Cloud adoption is changing the way how video games are made, delivered, and played. The time-to-
market acceleration is incredible. Gamers can have the access to new titles regardless of where they

are located around the globe. As long as they have an internet connection, they can get the games
easily, add-ons, and expansion packs. Cloud gaming takes the content execution from the console to
the cloud. Gamers can stream games as compressed video frames. It is just like watching videos on a
streaming platform like Amazon Prime. However, the only difference is that the videos respond to
user input.
Microsoft is now making a move to transition Xbox consoles to Xbox Cloud Gaming service. The
company will be using its powerful Xbox Series X hardware which will drop the load times and
improve framerates all of which dramatically make the gameplay experience better.

3. 5G

Multiplayer online games are highly popular. This is because it allows different people to game online
together. However, there is one common issue that online gamers face and it’s called lag. A game lag
is a delay between an action taken by the player and the reaction of the game’s server. This annoying
problem can easily be solved with 5G. It is a wireless technology that promises to deliver high-speed
connectivity. It will improve the cloud streaming experience by several folds. According to Samsung,
the 5G latency is much lower when compared to the 4G. This means that there will be less packet loss
and no jitter which will make the game performance buttery smooth.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Almost everyone knows or at least has heard of artificial intelligence. It is not new tech, and many
developers are already using it in their games. How? Well, if you have played any game from the
Grand Theft Auto franchise, you would have noticed the NPC or Non-Player Character. They are
programmed with artificial intelligence.
The game makers have now started to take a more sophisticated approach with NPCs and try to
program them with a behavioral tree. This will allow them to perform complex and smart decision-
making. And all this will be possible because of AI. The enemy aliens in Halo 2 are an example of
this. The aliens will work together and coordinate their attack carefully rather than needlessly beeline
into gunfire. NPCs will have a mind of their own and this will make online games fun!

5. Conclusion

The future of online gaming looks promising. The developers can use technologies like 5G and the cloud
to make online games so much better. It will help make the gaming experience smooth and lag-free.
This means that people can play games easily without any worries.

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