How To Reverse A Number In Python With Code Examples

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How To Reverse A Quantity In Python With Code Examples

Howdy everybody, on this submit we’ll look at tips on how to resolve the How To Reverse A Quantity In Python programming puzzle.

num = 123456

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How do you reverse a quantity in Python?

Reverse a Quantity Utilizing Recursion

  • num = int(enter(“Enter the quantity: “))
  • revr_num = 0 # preliminary worth is 0. It’s going to maintain the reversed quantity.
  • def recur_reverse(num):
  • international revr_num # We are able to use it out of the perform.
  • if (num > 0):
  • Reminder = num % 10.
  • revr_num = (revr_num * 10) + Reminder.
  • recur_reverse(num // 10)

Is there a perform to reverse a quantity in Python?

We use the python reversed() perform to reverse a quantity by this methodology. This perform returns a pointer that may iterate the string/listing in reverse order. We use the be a part of() methodology of python to acquire the reversed quantity from this iterator lastly.19-Dec-2021

How do you reverse 1234 in Python?

Python Program to reverse the digits of a quantity

  • # Program to reverse the digits of a quantity actually.
  • # Enter = 1234.
  • # Output = 4321.
  • num = int(enter(“Enter a quantity: n”))
  • reverse = 0.

How do I reverse print a quantity?

Let’s have a look at a easy c instance to reverse a given quantity.

  • #embody<stdio.h>
  • int foremost()
  • {
  • int n, reverse=0, rem;
  • printf(“Enter a quantity: “);
  • scanf(“%d”, &n);
  • whereas(n!=0)
  • {

How do you reverse an integer?

Reverse an Integer In every iteration of the loop, the rest when n is split by 10 is calculated and the worth of n is lowered by 10 instances. Contained in the loop, the reversed quantity is computed utilizing: reverse = reverse * 10 + the rest; Allow us to see how the whereas loop works when n = 2345 .

How do you reverse a quantity in Python with out loop?

Reverse a Quantity With out utilizing Loop in Python We learn a quantity and reverse a quantity utilizing slice operations. We’ll convert the integer quantity to string utilizing str() after which, calculate the reverse of a quantity utilizing the slicing operation. Lastly, the end result might be displayed on the display screen.

How do you reverse a quantity with out a loop?

How you can reverse a 3 digit quantity

  • Declare the int into num1, num2 and num3 alongside witht the output, reverse.
  • Ask the person to enter a quantity to reverse.
  • Retailer the quantity utilizing scanf.
  • Get the final digit of the quantity , num1= n/100.
  • Get the center digit from the person, num2=(numpercent100)/10.

How do you reverse a decimal in Python?

Python program :

  • Ask the person to enter a quantity.
  • Initialize one variable reversenum_ to retailer the ultimate reversed quantity.
  • Run one whereas loop.
  • Discover the rest of the variable num and retailer it within the the rest variable.
  • Replace the reversenum_.
  • Change the worth of num to num//10.

What does <= imply in Python?

Python Much less Than or Equal To operator is used to check if an operand is lower than or equal to different operand.

How do I print numbers from 1 to 10 in Python?

  • # Python program to print numbers from n to 1.
  • quantity = int ( enter ( “Please Enter any Quantity: ” )) i = quantity.
  • whereas ( i > = 1 ):
  • print (i, finish = ‘ ‘ ) i = i – 1.

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