How To Check If Selector Exists Or Is Present Puppeteer With Code Examples

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How To Check If Selector Exists Or Is Present Puppeteer With Code Examples

In this session, we’ll strive our hand at fixing the How To Check If Selector Exists Or Is Present Puppeteer puzzle by utilizing the pc language. The code that’s displayed beneath illustrates this level.

if (await web page.$(selector) !== null) console.log('discovered');
else console.log('not discovered');

With quite a few examples, we’ve got seen the way to resolve the How To Check If Selector Exists Or Is Present Puppeteer drawback.

How do I do know if a selector exists?

exists Property. Returns true if the Selector question matches at the very least one factor. Selectors can match any variety of DOM parts — from zero to infinity. Use the exists property to find out if matching parts exist.

How do you examine if a component exists or not in puppeteer?

  • jquery examine if factor nonetheless exists.
  • jquery discover if choose choice exists.
  • in puppeteer look ahead to web page untile sure selector have sure worth.
  • mongoose question if subject exists the place filed exists.

How do you consider a web page in a puppeteer?

consider() technique. Evaluates a perform within the web page’s context and returns the outcome. If the perform handed to web page. evaluteHandle returns a Promise, the perform will look ahead to the promise to resolve and return its worth.

What does Page waitForNavigation do?

waitForNavigation() technique. Waits for the web page to navigate to a brand new URL or to reload. It is helpful if you run code that may not directly trigger the web page to navigate.

How do I examine if a questionSelector exists?

questionSelector technique to get the primary factor that matches the offered selector.To examine if a component doesn’t exist within the DOM:

  • Use the getElementById or questionSelector strategies to pick the factor.
  • Check if the saved worth is the same as null .
  • If the worth is the same as null , the factor doesn’t exist within the DOM.

How do I examine if a component is current in a Web web page?

Using driver. In order to examine if a component is current on a webpage, we make use of driver. findElements() technique. As we all know that driver. findElements() technique returns a listing of webElements situated by the “By Locator” handed as parameter.22-Aug-2020

How do you employ a puppeteer assertion?

Assertion in puppeteer

  • const anticipate = require(‘chai’). anticipate. const anticipate = require(‘chai’).anticipate.
  • anticipate(rely). to. equal(9); anticipate(rely).to.equal(9);
  • anticipate(Message). to. embody(‘puppeteer’ anticipate(Message).to.embody(‘puppeteer’);

How do you employ ElementHandle in puppeteer?

ElementHandle class

  • const puppeteer = require(‘puppeteer’);
  • (async () => {
  • const browser = await puppeteer. launch();
  • const web page = await browser. newPage();
  • await web page. goto(‘’);
  • const hrefElement = await web page. $(‘a’);
  • await hrefElement. click on();
  • //

How do you click on a puppeteer factor?

click on() technique. This technique fetches a component with selector , scrolls it into view if wanted, after which makes use of Page. mouse to click on within the middle of the factor. If there is not any factor matching selector , the tactic throws an error.

What is ElementHandle in puppeteer?

ElementHandle prevents DOM factor from rubbish assortment until the deal with is disposed . ElementHandles are auto-disposed when their origin body will get navigated. ElementHandle situations can be utilized as arguments in web page. $eval and web page. consider strategies.

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