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How many times can you kill Onyxia?

How many times can you kill Onyxia?

Onyxia: Every 5 Days.

Can you run onyxia twice in a week?

She resets every 5 days so Theoretically you can kill here twice a week every other week as long as you make sure to kill her the day before reset and then the day of reset.

What days does ZG reset?

As it did in original World of Warcraft, the Zul’Gurub 20-person raid will have a 3-day reset timer. The ZG reset will be different in each region, and the first reset will occur less than one day after the raid opens at 3:00 p.m. PDT on April 15.

Can you do onyxia twice a week Classic?

Thread: Do Onyxia or any one boss multiple times per week Therefore, you can do the fight and be present for most of it and be able to keep doing it for the rest of the week.

How often can you run onyxia WOW Classic?

Onyxia resets every 5 days.

How many times a week can you raid?

You can run them as many times as you like if you join someone else’s instance of the raid, but you can only loot each boss once per week per difficulty.

Can you reset raids in wow?

Raid instances cannot be hard reset manually. All heroic mode instances (and thus, the IDs) will hard reset at 7:59 AM Pacific time every day.

How many times a week can you get raid chests?

You can do this once per character each week until reset, meaning there’s a total of 9 free raid chests per week to gather all giving you a chance at weapon, armour and mod drops.

How many times can you extend a raid lockout?

(i.e. extending an Ulduar raid ID will add 7 days, a Heroic: Halls of Lightning dungeon ID will add 24 hours, and a Zul’Gurub raid ID will add 3 days to the lockout time). An ID can be extended more than once.

How do you extend raid lockouts?

Simply right-click on the ICC 25H lockout and select “Extend Raid Lockout” and it will refresh it, so it will remain with 11/12 bosses defeated. Then you can just keep farming it by inviting your characters and so on like I described previously.

How do mythic lockouts work BFA?

Mythic difficulty’s lockout works differently from the other raiding difficulties (Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic). In Mythic difficulty, you are bound to the raid ID. If you leave the raid group and later decide to return to the raid dungeon in the same week, you’ll be returned to the same raid ID.

Can you extend raid lockouts in classic?

They are reset every Tuesday with no extension option. None of the raids should take more then a week to clear. …

How hard are normal raids WoW?

10 to 25 players

What Ilvl is Raid Finder?

Your character needs to have an average item level of 170 to be able to queue for the Raid Finder version of Castle Nathria. The last two bosses drop item level 194 gear.

Does Raid Finder count for great vault?

Yes, it does. That said, doing a +2 would give you an ilevel 200 piece. An Three LFR kills only gives you an ilevel 187 piece. This is completely accurate and correct information, to whoever decided to downvote it.

Can you get weapons from great vault?

3 choices each week, and it takes at least 4 weeks to get enough conquest for the weapon (if we are going for 2h/ranged). So you have 12 chances to get a weapon in the great vault in that time. If it is the case that you can get weapons from the great vault.

Where is the mythic chest in Shadowlands?

Great Vault is the new weekly chest in Shadowlands located in Oribos. It allows you to unlock gear from PvP and raiding in addition to Mythic dungeons and select a single piece of gear from up to 9 items each week.

Is there a mythic chest in Shadowlands?

The Great Vault is the weekly chest in Shadowlands, providing players with an extra piece of gear by completing up to nine activities across Raid, Mythic+, and PvP….Mythic+ Great Vault Item Levels.

Keystone Level End of Dungeon Weekly Great Vault
Mythic 3 190 203
Mythic 4 194 207
Mythic 5 194 210
Mythic 6 197 210

Do chests Respawn in Shadowlands?

The chests in the game (Solid Chest etc) are still in the old world and contain mostly very low-level loot that won’t do you any good. In the higher level areas there are no chests at all, so don’t waste time with chests. Also they don’t respawn at the exact same spot.


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