HomeBoard GamesHow many points do you need for full void?

How many points do you need for full void?

How many points do you need for full void?

850 points

Is void better than black d hide?

Void is better for low defense targets, since it gives a 20% dmg and 10% accuracy boost, however vs high defense targets this accuracy boost doesn’t help a lot, since you’re sacrificing 4 slots for the void gear, where you could be wearing range boosting gear.

How many hours does it take to get full void?

~ 2 days or so. Days is a pretty relative term, it really depends on how long per day you play. I’d say you have to expect atleast 12 hours, however I think 15-20 hours is more realistic.

Is it worth getting void Osrs?

Void is better with levels. So as you get higher level, the better the bonus becomes. Melee is decent too, but Mage kinda sucks. It’s a set bonus, each style is slightly different, but when you wear the full set for ranged you get a flat 20% bonus to damage and accuracy.

Is void better than Bandos?

Edit: Read up alot on void elite + its better than bandos in every scenario, higher hits, more accuracy just less defense which really doesn’t matter. Found out that bandos is only better with a whip/ddps if on normal prayer book otherwise void will always be better.

How much better is elite void Osrs?

The only stat difference elite void gives over regular void is the +6 prayer bonus. Elite void gives no extra melee bonus but does give a +2,5% extra ranged and magic damage when the respective helmets are worn. This makes elite void ranged the best in slot DPS ranged armour in osrs.

Which void is best?

Void range is the best gear for ranging, unless you have imbued slayer helm and are on task. There are a few exceptions to this such as gw, and I think wyverns with less than 90 range. Void melee is good for 4 man corp, its also good at bandos if you don’t have max strength gear.

What is so good about void?

Void is one of the best armors in the game. The Magic Set is kinda lacking and will only be better than Mystic at high levels and never Ahrims; though it does offer pretty decent prayer… But the Melee set is good and the Ranged Set is BiS ranged damage, partly because it is the only armor with ranged damage.

Is void good for Slayer?

void range was never good for slayer. If on task you should be using imbued slayer helm or black mask if ranging.

How do I get elite void?

The two pieces, the elite void top and elite void robe, become available after completing the hard Western Provinces diary. Upgrading from the regular counterparts costs 200 Void Knight commendation points per piece, for a total of 400 points to upgrade your Void Knight Equipment completely.

Is Elite void worth?

Void is just nice because it’s good enough for a lot of bosses and all you need to switch the bonus damage over is to carry the helms. Doesn’t require 2 full armour sets to go from melee to range and vice versa. You could always do 5 or 10 pest control games a day.

How many points is full elite void?

1650 points

Is Void Knight armor worth?

Void Knight equipment can be considered more useful than higher tier armour as it provides a very useful accuracy bonus that other armour sets do not provide, plus a damage boost. This makes it favourable for boss slaying such as at Vorago and Nex for players who are undertaking the damage role.

Is Void Knight armor better than Rune?

if you have the full set, void will give a +10% boost. (boosts like you get through prayer) Because of this, using void is superior when you need more offence and less defence, or are killing things from safe spots. In short: If you will be taking a lot of damage, use full rune.

Is Void Knight equipment good?

Most people would agree that Void Knight Equipment is one of the best armour sets, as it costs no coins and is one of the few armour sets that provides an offensive bonus. It does however cost Commendation Points, which could be obtained from Pest Control or Conquest.

Is void range worth?

Void remains the best choice for anything with low defense. It still has it’s uses, it’s just no longer the only set of armor you need. I’d say go for it if you intend to use it a lot 🙂 People don’t use void in raids any more, and you won’t use it slaying or for many bosses.

Is the void Armor good remnant?

The Void armor is one of the most versatile pieces in the game, shifting from offensive to defensive depending on how the battle’s going for the player. If all hits are avoided for 5 seconds then the armor stacks and increases damage from all sources, and as soon as a hit is taken it then flips to damage reduction.

Do you need to wear void gloves for bonus Osrs?

Cost. In total, a full set with one helmet and without the mace and seal costs 850 commendation points. One of all void pieces would cost 1510, however only the Helmet, Top, Robe, and Gloves are required for set bonus.

Do you need to wear Void Knight gloves?

it’s a set effect. aside from the bottom (which is best in slot magic defense if you don’t have arma/barrows iirc) you don’t benefit at all offensively without having the whole thing. You need the gloves too.

Can you sell void back Osrs?

How to: Bring spare void pieces to Pest Control. North of the bank you can find a “Dodgy Squire”.

Do you keep graceful on death?

Graceful clothing is placed on your gravestone upon death unless in the Wilderness and above level 20. The set is retrievable upon dying elsewhere in a PvP world.



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