HomeBoard GamesHow do you get a military grade circuit board in fallout shelter?

How do you get a military grade circuit board in fallout shelter?

How do you get a military grade circuit board in fallout shelter?

As the circuit boards are legendary you’d have to breakdown legendaries, so you only have a chance to get them if you get lucky with a lunchbox or quest. Legendaries cannot be found in random wasteland quests, only sometimes in normal ones.

How do you get a globe in fallout shelter?


  1. Found by dwellers exploring the wasteland.
  2. Found randomly during quests.
  3. From quest rewards.
  4. Breaking down weapons and outfits.

How many dwellers do you need to craft legendary weapons?

22 dwellers

What is the best weapon on fallout shelter?

Dragon’s Maw

What’s the highest level a dweller can get?

Level 50

How do you make dwellers level up faster?

6 Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter: Rank Up Faster and Get More Caps and Dwellers

  1. Build Same Buildings Next To Each Other.
  2. Always Have A Single Line of Elevators Down The Middle.
  3. Place Your Dwellers In The Appropriate Rooms.
  4. Send Your Dwellers Out Well Equipped.
  5. RUSH Rooms Lower Than 30% Only.
  6. Don’t Forget The Objectives.

How long are dwellers pregnant?

It can take some time for the woman to give birth – normally around eight hours or so from our experience – and a similar amount of time again for the child to grow into an employable adult Dweller.

How do you win fallout shelter?

Fallout Shelter: Tips, tricks, and strategy to keep your dwellers free of radiation

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Know your dwellers.
  3. Combine and upgrade rooms to your advantage.
  4. Don’t expand until you upgrade (no early baby-making!)
  5. Use the clipboard to best fill out your rooms.
  6. Use high-level outfits to supplement your dwellers’ skills.

Can you delete a vault in fallout shelter?

Go onto your vault list from the main menu, and on the left you can select “delete vault”.


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