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Hashrate boosting SQRL Acorn FPGA’s & Data on VCU1525

Squirrels Research Labs is working on a new hardware component that can boost your normal crypto mining performance. A discussion has been taking place on Bitcoin Talk and quite a few have signed up to pre-order these Acorn devices. These Acorn devices are FPGA’s that fit in the size format of an M.2 slot and are designed to boost your GPU’s mining performance. Now you can’t mine directly using the M.2 compatible Acorn device, you use it with your existing GPU’s and they boost the efficiency which improves hashrate, while not drawing much power at 15w. There are some concerns I personally have as you are unable to boost, say an 8 card rig, with one Acorn FPGA. You would need to get multiple devices to boost a couple of GPU’s maybe a few depending on the Algo. So please do your own research and make your own judgments to see if the Acorn FPGA is viable for your mining setup and needs. I got to say GPUhoarder is on the something and shows promise, we may need to give them time to finalize everything. So be patient and good luck!

Link to Official SQRL Website to buy Acorn FPGA’s:

Links to More Detailed Device info for the Acorn FPGA’s (also found under Product link in top right):

Bitcointalk Forum regarding GPUhoarder (David’s) Acorn FPGA project:

Xilinx Dev-kit VCU1525 Active Cooling:

Xilinx Dev-kit VCU1525 Active Cooling:

Datasheet for detailed info regarding VCU1525, search the page for (XCVU9P):

One of many places where you can buy the FPGA Chip itself:



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