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GTX 1070Ti Hashrate, Overclock and Mining Profitability

Nvidia GTX 1070Ti Hashrate can reach up to 33.5MH/s for mining Ethereum ( ETH ) Based on Ethash Algorithm with 135 Watt power consumption.

GTX 1070Ti Etherium, Ravencoin, Ergo, Conflux and Etherium Classic Hashrate

Power Consumption(Watts)135 Watts160 Watts125 Watts120 Watts135Watts
Return of Investment320 Days380 Days360 Days385 Days410 Days


GTX 1070TI Hashrate
GTX 1070TI

The GTX 1070Ti is one of the most powerful Budget mining cards on the market. The 1070 TI offers a hash rate of 32.3 MH/s at just 75 watts of power usage. And, it only draws 220W to do so!

Nvidia announced the GTX 1070 Ti in 2017, which was meant to be a direct competitor for AMD’s RX Vega 56. According to a blog post from ether mining, the GTX 1070Ti has a power limit of 180.75W and a temperature limit of 105°C which is a very good performer in countries where Temperatures are more than 100 Fahrenheit.

The GTX 1070Ti has 2304 CUDA cores, 8GB GDDR5 memory, and a base clock of 1607 MHz. It is capable of reaching speeds as high as 1797 MHz when overclocked. It also comes with a 1x DVI-D port, 1x HDMI port. The GTX 1070TI is a high-end graphics card from NVIDIA based on the Pascal architecture and is designed for gaming in VR.

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Nvidia GTX 1070Ti Mining Profitability:

This Mining profitability of GTX 1070Ti is calculated using Minerstat Live Widget. We have Calculated the Profitability Based on an average Hashrate of GTX 1070Ti.

Ethereum mining calculator

Nvidia GTX 1070Ti Mining Overclock Settings:

Note: The Overclock values in Windows and Linux-based Operating systems are different. Just Double the values of memory Clock and Coreclock in Hive OS.

Power Limit(%) 130 Watt

Temp. Limit (°C) – 75°C

Core Clock (MHz) 150 MHz

Memory Clock (MHz) – +1400 MHz

Fan Speed (%) 70% (or according to your Temperatures)

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