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Fresh Start! LHR UNLOCKED! RTX 3060 TI LHR Mining Overclocks

So this video begins at the end of having to get rid of pretty much all our GPUs at some point. The 2070 Super EVGA model left us and the first GPU we got afterwards was this Gigabyte Eagle 3060 TI LHR. I was abit sceptical going LHR but the non LHR models go for so much more and this was a great brand new buy in the current market. In the video we test multiple algorithms on the card including the 70% LHR unlock for ETH mining. This card represents a new start for us after having to mine on a GTX 1060 alone at one point.

Hashrates and overclocks start around 6:00 into the video if you want to ignore the unboxing and rambles 🙂



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