Error On Mat Divider With Code Examples

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Error On Mat Divider With Code Examples

Hello, everybody! In this submit, we are going to examine tips on how to uncover the reply to Error On Mat Divider utilizing the pc language.

import { MatDialogModule, MatDialogRef, MAT_DIALOG_DATA } from "@angular/materials";
import { FvCreationPopupComponent } from "./fv-creation-popup.element";

describe("FvCreationPopupComponent", () => {
    let element: FvCreationPopupComponent;
    let fixture: ComponentFixture<FvCreationPopupComponent>;
    // const mock: MatDialogRef<FvCreationPopupComponent> = new MatDialogRef<FvCreationPopupComponent>(null, null) ;

    beforeEach(async(() => {
        // const information: MyDialogElement = null;
        // information.message = "Dialog Message";
        // tslint:disable-next-line:typedef
        const mockDialogRef = {
            shut: jasmine.createSpy("shut"),

        imports: [MatDialogModule, MatDividerModule, ...],
        declarations: [ FvCreationPopupComponent ],
        suppliers: [{ provide: MatDialogRef, useValue: {mockDialogRef} }, { provide: MAT_DIALOG_DATA, useValue: {} } ]})

    beforeEach(() => {
        fixture = TestBed.createComponent(FvCreationPopupComponent);
        element = fixture.elementInstance;

    it("ought to create", () => {


Numerous real-world examples illustrate tips on how to cope with the Error On Mat Divider problem.

How do you enhance the thickness of a mat divider?

To change the thickness of the mat-divider, override the default border-top-width or border-top-style properties of . mat-divider class.19-Oct-2019

How do you put in a mat divider?

How do I alter the colour of my mat divider?

To change the colour mat-divider merely change the border-top-color property of . mat-divider class.09-Jan-2020

What is inset mat divider?

mat-divider inset attribute Mat divider attracts a line (it may be horizontally or vertically with vertical @Input), and if we set the inset to true , all it does is to attempt to wrap the road with the weather beside it.05-Mar-2022

What is the fabric of divider?

The MaterialDivider is a view that can be utilized in layouts to separate content material into clear teams. Note: Make positive to set android:layout_height=”wrap_content” on the MaterialDivider to make sure that the proper dimension is ready for the divider.

How do you add a horizontal line to a mat desk?

“mat cell horizontal line” Code Answer

  • . mat-cell {
  • font-size: 14px;
  • min-height: 48px;
  • text-align: middle;
  • border-right: 1px strong black;
  • }

How do you make a divider in HTML?

The <hr> tag defines a thematic break in an HTML web page (e.g. a shift of matter). The <hr> factor is most frequently displayed as a horizontal rule that’s used to separate content material (or outline a change) in an HTML web page.

How do I import MatGridListModule?


  • First, set up the angular materials utilizing the above-mentioned command.
  • After finishing the set up, Import ‘MatGridListModule’ from ‘@angular/materials/grid-list’ within the app.
  • Then use <mat-grid-list> tag to group all of the objects inside this group tag.

How do you format angular supplies?

Layout Directive row − Items are organized horizontally with max-height = 100% and max-width is the width of the objects within the container. column − Items are organized vertically with max-width = 100% and max-height is the peak of the objects within the container.

How do I import MatDividerModule?


  • First, set up the angular materials utilizing the above-mentioned command.
  • After finishing the set up, Import ‘MatDividerModule’ from ‘@angular/materials/divider’ within the app.
  • After importing the ‘MatDividerModule’ we have to use <mat-divider> tag.

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