Demon Blade - Japan Action RPG 2.360 APK + Mod (Mod Menu) for Android

Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG 2.360 APK + Mod (Mod Menu) for Android

Demon Blade - Japan Action RPG 2.360 APK + Mod (Mod Menu) for Android

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The Demon Blade MOD app requires a permission to allow access to external storage.

The Japanese Action RPG Demon Blade features hundreds of weapons and equipment to use when fighting enemies. As the player controls a brave samurai warrior, they can fight against evil in both action-adventure and RPG elements. The player must make effective use of the hero’s abilities to win against opponents of different difficulty levels. They can also learn more about the mysterious demonic force that temporarily inhabits Ancient Japan’s territories while fighting them.

Controls are easy to use

This game’s combat system provides a great alternative for touchscreen players. By swiping across the screen, players can easily perform different attacks. Additionally, clicking the screen will block other players’ attacks and initiate an automatic counterattack. When clicking at the same time as an attacker attacks, players can continue their attack.

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Additional equipment and items are available.

Currently available armor, gloves and swords give you the opportunity to change your appearance between adventures. Additional features in each piece of equipment grant increased health or make your attacks more effective.

Learn about Demon Blade as an institution through my original work.

The publisher Garage51 Entertainment released the fighting role-playing game Demon Blade. The game is played on a vertical monitor, with most of the control buttons removed from the screen’s niches. This provides an open space for battles that players can easily view.


Most Japanese legends contain scary ghost stories. The country has a long, creative culture with an abundant imagination. The first few seconds of playing a game in which the phone’s vertical screen is present gives players an idea of the magnificence of this game. Demon Blade lets you play as a Japanese Samurai with many skills. You can fight Umiboozu, the sea monster, Gashadokuro, a skeleton monster made of hungry souls, Bake-kujira, a fish-shaped monster that travels everywhere to eat people and Waira, a giant beast that eats people. Playing this game also lets you battle other legendary monsters, such as Hijiri-Oni (ひじり ONI), the black demon who kidnaps children; Usagi-Oni (うさぎ ONI), the rabbit demon who steals women’s souls; and Benzaitin, the giant otter demon who traps people in her nets. The main plot of Demon Blade involves many twists and turns. From the very beginning, the player is just some regular guy who finds himself in the middle of a sea of flames guarded by a pack of demons. Out of nowhere, a Samurai appears, fights and rescues him. At first glance, this game appears to be about just war. The Samurai appeared out of nowhere and disappeared just as quickly. In a panic, you only remember his final seconds before the Tengu’s power rendered him powerless as he fell to the ground. From that point on, you officially take on the mission of your heroic predecessor as you demonize spirits with your legendary sword.

The fights are amazing thanks to their intensity and brutality.

The fast-paced, dynamic nature of fights in Demon Blade comes as a surprise to anyone who has spent time playing other battle games. As you play more battle games like this, you’ll find the unique controls crafted specifically for mobile devices. The most important thing to keep in mind is which attack style to use by evaluating each touch on the screen. Each tap results in a different skill but each blow deals varied damage to different monsters. This method requires adaptability and heightened sensitivity. There are no buttons on the screen, so all control must be through finger movements. Three major attack directions correspond to three different directions. When playing defense in the game, simply touch the screen. This may seem easy, but it takes some time to become accustomed to the proper combination of tasks and then strike a reasonable defensive move. For example, choosing the right swipe can be more important than swiping quickly. Every swipe you take affects a portion of your life energy. So it’s best to take advantage of this by choosing an appropriate attack each time. Before striking a bargain with the enemy, you must calculate how much HP you have left. The enemy creature is not patient, which makes thinking fast imperative to success. If your internal attack fails to deliver the blow, you’ve lost the opportunity to strike first. Furthermore, if your attack doesn’t land and the enemy creature attacks first, you’ll likely be defeated before even making your move.

In response to a specific threat, the army creates a counter-attack.

This game is unique because it requires the players to block attacks in addition to fighting in a way that tests the players’ tactics. If you only attack without defending, you can’t win the battle. Even retreating a single step doesn’t indicate any loss, as it doesn’t imply you lost the fight. As a heroic Samurai, your goal must be to know when to attack and when to defend. Demon Blade’s defensive prowess is evidenced by the fact that regular blocking of enemy attacks results in counterattacking with even more power. This allows players to overcome enemies quickly without sacrificing much health.

What kind of game mode does the game employ and is the game automatic?

In this game, basic actions are performed automatically by swiping the screen. Additional actions must be manually selected. You decide to attack or defend each turn. This encourages the feeling of intense motion with Demon Blade. The game Demon Blade comes with both PVE and PVP modes. You can also choose to play the game in a campaign mode, which features big bosses to battle and a corrupt Samurai campaign against demons. Additionally, the game features many other modes such as Adventure into the Cursed Dungeon to defeat the bad Gods. After a few fights, your Demon Blade character gains increased strength from using higher-damage weapons.e collected from loot boxes and given out randomly. You can also power up your weapons by using money to buy them.

How to Install

Install the steps:

First you must uninstall Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG original version if you have installed it.

Then, download Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG Mod APK on our site.

After completing the download, you must find the apk file and install it.

You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside the Play Store.

Then you can open and enjoy the Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG Mod APK


Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage:

Allows the app to write to the USB storage.
Read the contents of your USB storage:

Allows the app to read the contents of your USB storage.

Is Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG Mod Safe?

Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG Mod is 100% safe because the application was scanned by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were detected. The antivirus platform includes: AOL Active Virus Shield, avast!, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. Our anti-malware engine filter applications and classifies them according to our parameters. Therefore, it is 100% safe to install Demon Blade – Japan Action RPG Mod APK on our site.

Demon Blade - Japan Action RPG 2.360 APK + Mod (Mod Menu) for Android

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