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CRYPTO NEWS – Citi Bank Hiring 100 Crypto Employees – Powell Fed – Congress Crypto – Algorand DeFi

Big Crypto news today as Latin America’s largest company to allow customers to buy Bitcoin in Brazil via app. Odell Beckham Jr. has teamed up with Cash App and will be taking 100% of his new NFL contract in Bitcoin. Crypto is no fad says Australia’s Minister Of Financial Services. Global banking powerhouse Citi is hiring 100 people to beef up its blockchain and digital assets division, according to a person familiar with the bank’s plans. December 8th several crypto CEOs will testify in front of the House Financial Services Committee. Nike wants to bring sneakerheads into the Metaverse. Crypto lender Celsius increases Bitcoin mining investment to $500 million. El Salvador government strikes deal with Bitfinex, Blockstream to issue $1 billion bitcoin bond. C3 Protocol, a cryptocurrency trading project linked to the Algorand blockchain, has raised $3.6 million in a funding round that was led by Arrington Capital and Jump Capital.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro
01:55 Bitcoin and Altcoin prices
07:56 Latin America’s largest company buy Bitcoin
08:20 NFL’s Odell Beckham Jr to be paid in Bitcoin
09:06 Alabama senate candidate Bitcoin
09:23 Australia’s Minister of Financial Services says Crypto is not a fad
09:53 Fed Chair Jerome Powell is nominated for another term which is bullish
11:45 Citi bank hires 100 people for crypto team
14:05 Crypto CEO’s to meet with congress on Dec 8th
19:34 Celsius increases BTC mining investment
20:41 Nike Metaverse
21:10 El Salvador’s $1 Billion Bitcoin Bond
23:46 Algorand project raises funds
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Crypto Cashout Plan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udoMQNnLTM4

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– Tom Emmer – https://youtu.be/G-y-6Zn_71s
– Mayor Francis Squarez – https://youtu.be/xaUr1aew6Bk
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– Ric Edelman – https://youtu.be/a8pr8t93IcY
– Ripple’s David Schwartz – https://youtu.be/MYKfXOA7f0k
– Stefan Thomas – https://youtu.be/wuctvfnuk1A
– Greg Kidd – https://youtu.be/CepW-LHMn3M
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