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Crypto bull run before the end of 2021?! Hashoshi’s prediction 🤔 | Elrond NFT partnership announced!

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi lays out the case for a crypto bull run before the end of the year, including the risks to a bull market coming to fruition. Hashoshi also breaks down news about Elrond eGLD, Ethereum 2.0, and more!

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⏰ // Timestamps // ⏰

0:00 Welcome to Crypto Over Coffee!

0:45 WEEKLY SCAMMER ALERT! AND the Keystone giveaway 😎

1:42 Crypto bull market imminent?! What are the risks?

6:38 Ethereum 2.0 Altair update coming this month

8:34 TikTok NFTs on “TikTok Top Moments”

9:41 Elrond + Crust = powerful NFT’s

111:07🕵🏼 FACT OR FUD: Stablecoin regulation 😖

13:11 ⁉️ 404 Logic Not Found: Taxing unrealized capital gains 😡

18:42 Ledn offers solid interest on your BTC and USDC! (sponsor)

19:30 Check out DeepPunks on ICON’s Craft marketplace (sponsor)

20:16 Q&A TIME! Ask Hashoshi Anything

20:40 Q1: Profit taking during a crash?

24:22 Q2: Share your developer story and tips to get started

29:10 Q3: What is the benefit of a VPN?

32:16 Q4: How will Cardano / Chainlink partnership work?

34:10 NEXT UP: ⏭ Best VPN’s for crypto users!


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