Count_Lines Count Word Per Sentence. With Code Examples

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Count_Lines Count Word Per Sentence. With Code Examples

In this text, the answer of Count_Lines Count Word Per Sentence. might be demonstrated utilizing examples from the programming language.

import nltk
from nltk.tokenize import sent_tokenize

def count_lines(file):
    string = ""

    for line in myfile:

    number_of_sentences = sent_tokenize(string)

    for w in number_of_sentences:
        print("Sentence ",rely,"has ",len(w),"phrases")


We discovered the way to clear up the Count_Lines Count Word Per Sentence. by taking a look at a variety of various instances.

How do you learn the way many phrases are in a sentence?

Dry run

  • Run a for loop, ranging from 0 to the dimensions of the string – 1, i.e., from i=0 to i==str. dimension() .
  • Check if str[i] is an area character.
  • The for loop will run to the tip of the string, and the variety of areas might be counted.
  • Increment the variety of areas by 1 to get the variety of phrases.

How many sentences is 50 phrases?

2-4 sentences

How many strains is 120 150 phrases?

Any letter or report ought to be no less than 150 phrases lengthy, that is 17 strains.

How do you rely 250 phrases in an essay?

The common variety of phrases per line is between 8 and 11 relying in your handwriting, so divide your common variety of phrases by 150 (for Task 1) or 250 (for Task 2) to have some concept of what number of strains your essay must be. For instance, if you happen to write 8 phrases per line, that is 250 / 8 = 31.25 (32 strains) for Task 2.25-Mar-2021

How many phrases are in every sentence?

There’s no good size, nonetheless, a well-written sentence ought to have 15-20 phrases on common. Using easy and quick sentences will assist extra folks to grasp your content material. But restrain from utilizing uniform sentence lengths if you don’t need your writings to be uneven and with out circulate.04-Apr-2017

How many sentences is 23 phrases?

1-2 sentences

How lengthy is a 100 phrase sentence?

about 5-7 sentences

Is a 25 phrase sentence lengthy?

Fairly tough (Medium lengthy sentence size): 21-25 phrases. Difficult (Long sentence size) : 25-30 phrases. Very Difficult (Very lengthy sentence size) : 30-40 phrases. Extremely tough (Extremely lengthy sentence size) : 40+ phrases.21-Apr-2022

How a lot phrases is 10 sentences?

According to the writing information, a 200-word paragraph consists of 10 sentences, every with 20 phrases.13-Jan-2022

How lengthy is a 300 phrase essay?

Answer: 300 phrases is ⅔ web page single spaced or 1⅓ pages double spaced.

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