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Cathie Wood An AVALANCHE Is Coming For Ethereum! – Latest Interview On NFT's, Bitcoin, ETH & Crypto

Cathie Wood An AVALANCHE Is Coming For Ethereum! – Latest Interview On NFT’s, Bitcoin, ETH & Crypto

Cathie Wood is often touted as the Queen of Innovation and she continues to be polarising amongst the investment world with her incredibly Bullish stance on Technology & innovation.

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For those that follow the moves of innovation based investor Cathie Wood, you would know she is extremely bullish on not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum as well.

Cathie has a simple thesis when it comes to her Ethereum outlook – ‘follow the developers’ With Ethereum being far and away the highest growth layer 1 block chain for developer activity, it’s easy to see why Cathie through her investment fund ARK invest, is leading the institutional buying of Ethereum, through her purchase of Grayscales Ethereum trust.

In her most recent conference, Cathie expands on another reason she is so bullish on Ethereum, the explosion of NFT’s. NFT’s have taken the mainstream by storm this year and the best part, the large majority are built on top of ETH.

Cathie explains why the proliferation and growth of NFT’s & the metaverse, will only play to the upside of Ethereum.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Cathie gives some insight on when she thinks other institutions will be adding cryptocurrency to their balance sheets.

About Cathie Wood:

Catherine Duddy Wood or better known as Cathie Wood is the founder, CEO, and chief investment officer of Ark Invest. Also named as the best stock picker of 2020 by Bloomberg News, Cathie Wood manages the world’s largest actively traded ETF that focuses on disruptive technologies.

Cathie Wood has made her fortunes from being right when others are wrong. Tesla, Amazon, Square to name a few. So what is going on here? How can Cathie Wood be so Bullish on Bitcoin yet be convinced that we are going to see a deflationary crash as opposed to inflation. In this video, we will go over how Cathie Wood things everyone is wrong, why she thinks Deflation is coming and HOW she can remain so Bullish on Bitcoin with a 500K price prediction, if she doesn’t expect inflation.

Credits: To watch full un-edited video with Cathie Wood check it out here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaminTree
My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamiecurrie_
Email: jamin.tree@gmail.com

0:00 Cathie Wood is BULLISH on Ethereum!
1:12 Cathie Wood – Why NFT’s are SO Interesting…
3:40 NFT’s are a way to show STATUS (Bullish for ETH)
5:29 Meta-Legends (Metaverse NFT Project!)
8:30 Cathie Wood – When will other companies buy Ethereum / Bitcoin?
9:51 Latest On-Chain Ethereum Data (Ethereum Whales BULLISH DATA!)

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