HomeBoard GamesCan you mail from Alliance to Horde?

Can you mail from Alliance to Horde?

Can you mail from Alliance to Horde?

Likewise, people ask, can you send items between Horde and Alliance? The only way to send non-account bound items across factions is with the help of a friend.

Can you send gold between factions?

You are unable to send gold or items to characters on another realm or faction. The only exception to this rule are Blizzard Account Bound items which can be sent to characters on the same account, even across realms.

Can you send heirlooms from Alliance to Horde?

You can send heirlooms to characters of the opposite faction via in-game mail system as long as both the sending and the receiving character are on the same account.

Can you mail items cross realm WoW?

Can you send Soulbound items to an alt?

You can’t send soulbound items to anyone, only account-bound items like for example the Benthic Gear things you can farm in Nazjatar and then send to your alts in order to create their own gear.

Are heirlooms cross faction?

Yes, as long as it’s the same server, you can send your heirlooms cross-faction. However, you may not send anything else such as gold or other items.

Are auction houses cross faction?

Auction House is realm specific except for connected realms, where the AH is across all the servers connected together. Grouping up for anything except Mythic raiding is cross server, but not cross faction. Mythic raiding is faction specific and cross server only when there are connected realms.

Why is there no auction house in Boralus?

There isn’t an auction house in Boralus unless your character has the engineering profession. If you want to use the auction house and your character isn’t an Engineer, you’ll need to head back to Stormwind or hope that someone has a Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount up by the inn.

Is there an auction house in the Broken Isles?

Is there an auction house in Dalaran? There is not. They are not adding auction houses to shattrath or Dalaran because aside from class trainers it’s the only think people use the old cities for. If they were added, the old cities would be abandoned.

Do you get your deposit back WoW Classic?

You pay the deposit when you place your item up for bids. If the item sells, you get your deposit back; if your item doesn’t sell, the AH keeps the deposit. The deposit runs 2.5% of vendor value per hour, so the longer the auction duration, the higher the deposit.

How long does it take to get money from auction house WoW?

If you have just sold an item on the auction house, remember that there is a delay before you receive your mail with the gold or item(s). Wait one hour after the auction has ended and check your character’s mail.

How much does the auction house take WoW?

The deposit is 2.5% of the item’s vendor sale price per hour, or 5% for 2 hours, 20% for 8 hours, or 60% for 24 hours. You get your deposit back if your item sells. This is why I like auctioneer.

Why does the auction house take a cut in WoW?

Deposits are based on the Merchant Sell Value for the item. When you successfully sell the item, the deposit will be returned, but the auction house will take a percentage of the winning bid as its fee. Auction Houses are run by goblins and merchant cartels, so naturally, these greedy auctioneers will take their cut!

Do auction houses charge for valuations?

Valuations — Most reputable auction houses will offer a valuation service and have experienced valuers on hand to evaluate your possessions, whether they are well loved family heirlooms or oddments from the attic or cellar. The Sale valuation service is normally free of charge and without obligation.

What is a 5% buyers premium?

A buyer’s premium on the real estate is typically in the range of 3 to 10 percent. For example, if a piece of real estate sells for $100,000 and carries a 5 percent buyer’s premium, the buyer must pay $105,000. This money is paid to the auctioneer conducting the sale.

Which is better auction or estate sale?

If you are in need of having a professional take the stress out of selling a family member’s belongings, then it may be worth your while to do the extra research to find a trustworthy estate sale professional. If you have a few valuables in need of selling, then an auction may be a great idea.

What does 10 percent buyer’s premium mean?

The buyer’s premium is an auctioneer’s fee added to the buyer’s winning bid. It does not go to the seller. If an auction has a 10 percent buyer’s premium and you win an item, you will owe the bid price of the item plus 10 percent.


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