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Can you beat the Water Temple first?

Can you beat the Water Temple first?

You can also complete the Water Temple before the Fire Temple, but only after when you complete the Forest Temple. The Megaton Hammer is not needed at all in the Water Temple, although it helps against Dark Link. Finally, you can do the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple.

Can you soft lock the Water Temple?

A detailed explanation of the “Permanently Stuck in Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple” myth and its causes. I’d like to settle this matter by offering a detailed, illustrated explanation of why the phenomenon exists. Here’s the truth: It is NOT possible to become permanently stuck.

What do you do after Water Temple?

Other Answers

  1. When you enter Kakariko Village as Adult Link after completing the Water Temple, you get a cut-scene which eventually leads to Shiek teaching you the Nocturne of Shadow.
  2. You get the shadow teleporting song somewhere around kakariko village, then you can play that to get to the shadow temple.

Is there an extra water temple key?

There isn’t an extra key. You just don’t have to use every key you get in the water temple. Namely the door to the central tower on the lower level never needs to be opened.

Is the Shadow Temple optional?

~ Entering The Shadow Temple ~ This is the only part in the game where it’s actually required.

What was the shadow temple used for?

The Shadow Temple was historically a place used by the Sheikah to interrogate and torture enemies of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

How do you get the eye of truth?

Go in the windmill place as an adult to learn the song of storms from the crazy guy and when you come back as a child, you can play the song of storms to get rid of the water in the well and that’s where the lens of truth is located.

Is the lens of truth required?

The Lens of Truth allows Link to see things that are not normally visible to the naked eye. The Lens can also be used to see the contents of Treasure Chests in the Treasure Chest Game. Despite its usefulness, the Lens of Truth is not required to complete the game.

What do I do with Lens of Truth?

Using the Lens of Truth, play the Treasure Chest game in the Market at nighttime. The Lens of Truth will allow you to see which treasure chest holds the Small Key, so you can never fail at the game. After a making it through a series of rooms, acquire the Heart Piece.

How do I get a bigger wallet in Majora’s Mask?

Link can upgrade his Wallet almost instantaneously by visiting the Clock Town Bank in West Clock Town (behind the Clock Tower in South Clock Town in Majora’s Mask 3D) and depositing a collective total of 200 Rupees. After doing so, the Banker will give him the Adult Wallet, increasing Link’s capacity to 200.

How do I get 100 rupees in Majora’s Mask?

Answers. As Tigerpokemon said, deposit 200 rupees to the begging banker in West Clock Town. Two good sources of Rupees are the chest (100 rupees) in East Clock Town that you reach by hopping across roofs, and the two big dodongos (50 rupees each) chilling in the canyon north of Clock Town, before the road to Snowhead.

Can you get Softlocked in Water Temple?

The Water Temple doesn’t have any “wrong doors” because you always open them in the same order. The keys can be collected in more than one order, but no matter which one you get before the other you can’t get stuck in the temple because of how it’s designed.

How do you change the water level in the Water Temple?

Return to the main room of the temple and go through the only locked door on the bottom floor (towards the center of the room). Walk straight forward, turn around, and Hookshot up to the Triforce symbol. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to raise the water level of the dungeon halfway.

What do I do with the Blue Fire in Zelda?

To carry the blue flame you must equip any wooden tool or weapon and use it as a torch. Once your torch is light, light the lantern throughout town all the way back to the professors lab which wil conclude Locked Mementos. Please Subscribe for more Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild Videos and more!

What do I do with blue fire in ice cavern?

Hop the platforms to the Blue Fire, which can be stored in any empty bottles. This Blue Fire is designed to melt the red ice, including the red ice draped over the treasure chest. Use the blue fire to melt the different objects in the room to get a purple rupee from the pot and the Dungeon Map from the treasure chest.

Why does Navi turn green in the ice cavern?

In areas where Navi turns green you can usually get something to happen by playing the Song of Storms, the Sun Song or the Scarecrow song. From the screenshot you included it should be the Sun Song or the Song of Storms from memory.

Do you get anything for lighting all the torches in Hateno village?

1 Answer. No, they do nothing once you light them, but they do stay lit forever in case you are near one and ever need to start a fire for some reason. There is also a small mini-game involving lighting a blue torch and its easier if there happens to be a nearby torch that is already lit.

Why is Zora’s Domain frozen?

When Ganondorf gained control of Hyrule he built Ganon’s Tower, this could have severed the link between Lake Hylia and Zora’s Domain. That could mean that when Link defeated Morpha he broke the curse on Lake Hylia and Zora’s Domain but since there was no healthy link between the two, Zora’s Domain stayed frozen.

Does Zora’s Domain ever unfreeze?

Top Voted Answer. you cannot unfreeze Zora’s Domain as an adult.

How do you unfreeze King Zora without blue fire?

At the bottom of the hallway to King Zora (while he’s unloaded), start sidehopping along the wall up to the top. Scoot left so you can barely read the sign (this position is actually very loose). Read the sign. Unload and reload King Zora to unfreeze him.

Does Ruto love link?

Ruto: She definitely likes Link, but Link is repulsed any time she tries to come onto him. Nabooru: She likes him, but there’s nothing indicating he likes her.


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