Bootstrap Word-Wrap: Break-Word; With Code Examples

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Bootstrap Word-Wrap: Break-Word; With Code Examples

This article will present you, through a sequence of examples, find out how to repair the Bootstrap Word-Wrap: Break-Word; drawback that happens in code.


As we’ve got seen, the Bootstrap Word-Wrap: Break-Word; drawback was solved through the use of plenty of totally different cases.

How do you break phrases in bootstrap?

Prevent lengthy strings of textual content from breaking your elements’ format through the use of .text-break to set word-wrap: break-word and word-break: break-word . We use word-wrap as an alternative of the extra widespread overflow-wrap for wider browser help, and add the deprecated word-break: break-word to keep away from points with flex containers.

How do I wrap in bootstrap?

Wrap. Change how flex objects wrap in a flex container. Choose from no wrapping in any respect (the browser default) with .flex-nowrap , wrapping with .flex-wrap , or reverse wrapping with .flex-wrap-reverse . Responsive variations additionally exist for flex-wrap .

How do you justify textual content in bootstrap?

The textual content can justified through the use of the . text-justify class and for left, proper, and heart alignment of textual content, use the text-left, text-right and text-center courses respectively.

How do you break phrases?

Splitting Words on the End of the Line

  • Never break up a one-syllable phrase.
  • Never hyphenate a phrase that already has a hyphen.
  • Never break up a correct noun (any noun beginning with a capital letter).
  • Never go away one or two letters on both line.
  • Never put the primary or final letter of a phrase on the finish or starting of a line.

How do I wrap textual content in a div?

If you have confronted the state of affairs when it’s essential to wrap phrases in a <div>, you should use the white-space property with the “pre-wrap” worth to protect whitespace by the browser and wrap the textual content when essential and on line breaks. Also, you will want the word-wrap property.

What is flex-wrap in Bootstrap?

Quickly handle the format, alignment, and sizing of grid columns, navigation, elements, and extra with a full suite of responsive flexbox utilities. For extra complicated implementations, customized CSS could also be essential.

How do you break a phrase in CSS?

The word-break property in CSS can be utilized to alter when line breaks must happen. Normally, line breaks in textual content can solely happen in sure areas, like when there’s a area or a hyphen. If we then set the width of the textual content to 1 em , the phrase will break by every letter: HTML.12-Jul-2021

What is flex-wrap?

The flex-wrap CSS property units whether or not flex objects are pressured onto one line or can wrap onto a number of traces. If wrapping is allowed, it units the route that traces are stacked.26-Sept-2022

What is textual content Nowrap in Bootstrap?

.text-nowrap. Indicates no wrap textual content. Try it. .text-lowercase. Indicates lowercased textual content: LOWERCASED TEXT.

How do you justify textual content in HTML?

In order to counsel that some textual content be justified on either side, you should use the align=”justify” attribute in HTML, or the text-align:justify declaration in CSS, or each.10-Aug-2000

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