Authentication Example Consoleapplication With Code Examples

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Authentication Example Consoleapplication With Code Examples

Through the usage of the programming language, we’ll work collectively to unravel the Authentication Example Consoleapplication puzzle on this lesson. This is demonstrated within the code that follows.


public class AuthenticationExample {
non-public static AuthenticationSupervisor am = new PatternAuthenticationSupervisor();

public static void principal(String[] args) throws Exception {
	BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

	whereas(true) {
	System.out.println("Please enter your username:");
	String identify = in.readLine();
	System.out.println("Please enter your password:");
	String password = in.readLine();
	attempt {
		Authentication request = new UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken(identify, password);
		Authentication end result = am.authenticate(request);
		SecurityContextHolder.getContext().setAuthentication(end result);
	} catch(AuthenticationException e) {
		System.out.println("Authentication failed: " + e.getMessage());
	System.out.println("Successfully authenticated. Security context incorporates: " +

class PatternAuthenticationSupervisor implements AuthenticationSupervisor {
static ultimate List<GrantedAuthority> AUTHORITIES = new ArrayList<GrantedAuthority>();

static {
	AUTHORITIES.add(new SimpleGrantedAuthority("ROLE_USER"));

public Authentication authenticate(Authentication auth) throws AuthenticationException {
	if (auth.getName().equals(auth.getCredentials())) {
	return new UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken(auth.getName(),
		auth.getCredentials(), AUTHORITIES);
	throw new BadCredentialsException("Bad Credentials");

By investigating quite a lot of use eventualities, we had been capable of display the right way to resolve the Authentication Example Consoleapplication drawback that was current.

What are the examples of console software?

Console-based purposes embrace Alpine (an e-mail shopper), cmus (an audio participant), Irssi (an IRC shopper), Lynx (an internet browser), Midnight Commander (a file supervisor), Music on Console (an audio participant), Mutt (an e-mail shopper), nano (a textual content editor), ne (a textual content editor), newsbeuter (an RSS reader), and ranger (a file

What is console software used for?

A console software facilitates the studying and writing of characters from a console – both individually or as a complete line. It is the only type of a C# program and is often invoked from the Windows command immediate.

What is distinction between console software and window software?

A Windows type software is an software that has a graphical consumer interface(GUI) just like the Visual C# IDE. A console program then again is a textual content software. There should not fancy controls like buttons or textboxes in a console software and they’re run from the command immediate.

How do I run a console software?

Run the app Press Ctrl + F5 to run this system with out debugging. A console window opens with the textual content “Hello World!” printed on the display screen. Press any key to shut the console window.07-May-2022

What is a console coding?

A console software is a program which runs in an command immediate window. An instance of a console software is beneath: Console applications would not have the flash, nor the event-driven capabilities of a Windows software, nevertheless, they nonetheless have their place.

Is console software simple to develop?

Simplicity. Creating a console software is extra simple than constructing an software that has a wealthy consumer interface. You don’t must know or use any consumer interface languages, instruments or frameworks. You can implement a console software utilizing easy C# programming.10-Apr-2019

What does console consumer imply?

Console consumer interface might confer with: Command-line interface, consumer interface utilizing solely textual content. Text-based consumer interface, consumer interface with easy text-based menus and dialogues.

What is the distinction between console software and console software .NET framework?

The distinction is that . Net Core Console app is cross platform, that means it will probably run on macOS, Linux and Windows machines and . Net Framework Console app can solely run on home windows machines.02-Aug-2022

What are Windows primarily based purposes examples?

Difference between Windows software and internet software :

What is desktop software with instance?

A desktop software is a software program program that may be run on a standalone pc to carry out a selected job by an end-user. Some desktop purposes resembling phrase editor, photograph modifying app and media participant permit you to carry out completely different duties whereas different resembling gaming apps are developed purely for leisure.

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