Augmented By With Code Examples

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Augmented By With Code Examples

With this text, we’ll have a look at some examples of Augmented By issues in programming.


The utilization "A is augmented by B" signifies that B is the implied topic within the passive-voice building "A is augmented". That is, B is doing the augmentation: "B augments A".

The utilization "A is augmented with B" implies that B is what A is augmented with, by an unspecified topic. This is a predicate adjective verb phrase.

Thus, one might write "The fruit salad is augmented with papaya by Sofia", which means "Sofia augments the fruit salad with papaya".

By finding out a wide range of varied examples, we had been in a position to determine the way to repair the Augmented By.

How do you employ the phrase augmented?

added to or made larger in quantity or quantity or power.

  • His wage is augmented by a small inheritance.
  • The king’s energy has augmented.
  • His small wage is augmented by a fee.
  • In the fugue’s improvement the topic is augmented.
  • The nationwide image was augmented by element from Stockton-on-Tees.

Does augmented imply change?

It comes from the Late Latin augmentum, which means “a rise,” from the verb aug(ēre), “to extend.” Augment is commonly used within the context of a rise in measurement or quantity, however it might discuss with different kinds of modifications, akin to in high quality.

What is a synonym for the phrase augmented?

Some widespread synonyms of increase are enlarge, enhance, and multiply. While all these phrases imply “to make or turn out to be larger,” increase implies addition to what’s already effectively grown or effectively developed. the inheritance augmented his fortune.

Is increase a proper phrase?

Augment, a considerably formal phrase, means to make larger, particularly by addition from the surface: to reinforce one’s revenue (by doing further work).

How do you employ augmentation in a sentence?

1) The augmentation of the military started alongside conventional traces. 2) A selected form of augmentation considerations baronets. 3) Treatment contains augmentation of sodium excretion with diuretics and water administration. 4) Learn the craft augmentation with the brand new Inscription career.24-Jul-2020

How do you employ augmenting in a sentence?

Augmenting sentence instance More rapacious than formidable, she involved herself little with authorities, however devoted her energies mainly to augmenting her revenue, and offering for her household and mates.

Does augmentation imply enhance?

An augmentation can also be the quantity one thing will increase. To increase is to enlarge one thing or so as to add to it. Augmentation is the noun for any course of or quantity that makes one thing greater or larger.

How do you increase a product?

An augmented product has been enhanced by its vendor with added options or providers to differentiate it from the identical product supplied by its rivals. Augmenting a product entails together with intangible advantages or add-ons that transcend the product itself.

What is the distinction between enhance and increase?

To enhance implies a progress (sudden or over time) in measurement. To increase implies so as to add to; we can not all the time substitute “develop” with “increase”.15-Jun-2020

What is an instance of increase?

1 : to make larger, extra quite a few, bigger, or extra intense The impression of the report was augmented by its timing. 2 : complement She took a second job to reinforce her revenue.

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